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Kristen & Dakota are about to explode!

Rocking the Runaways[Everglow]
I don't know when The Runaways will ever get released in Manila but I'm crossing my fingers. Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart have been making the rounds promoting their new movie and I want to be able to watch it -- hopefully on the big screen.

The girls looked lovely flitting from interview (Fallon owns me) to premiere (though Kristen sure stuck to her mini-dress routine) and I'm just happy to see their smiles on the red carpet. They look like they really bonded over the three back-to-back films they made. I'm kinda wanting to be BFFs with them right now.

Jay Leno

I loved how she beat Jay in the hanky panky game. She was so animated and looked really relaxed during this interview and she looked so gorgeous in her dress -- it's probably one of my favorites just because it was so simple and she looked so beautiful.

LA Press Conference

I wish I could see more junket videos but I'm just exhausted from all the photos. Nevertheless, it'll be a running theme how cute and adorable these two are. I can't believe they're both younger than me.

LA Premiere

I never thought I'd see Kristen in hot pink but she came out in this Doo.Ri Spring 2010 dress. Sure was a shock to see her in it. Dakota looked demure and pretty in her Valentino dress as well.

Taylor Lautner dropped by to show his support and it's still crazy how all these kids are literally younger than me. I feel so old and unaccomplished. It's official.

Regis & Kelly

Even when in just casual clothes, Kristen looked adorable during her interview with Regis & Kelly. Her leggings looked tight as hell but hey, she said she was breathing so that's all that matters.

Jimmy Fallon

Hands down though, Jimmy Fallon owns the best interviews ever. I wish Coco were still on air, cause I'm sure that would have been fun to but seeing Fallon fangirl over Kristen was just adorable. These two need to be BFFs. I know Dakota might be a little jealous, but you can't deny how comfortable and relaxed Kristen was despite wearing one of the more revealing dresses -- a body hugging Jasmine Di Milo dress.

New York Premiere

And I thought her dresses couldn't get any smaller. Kristen changed up her hairdo and went for another mini-dress this time by Pucci -- you can see her pulling up her dress in some shots. Dakota on the other hand went for a

I know Joan and Cherie are in every red carpet but it's eerie how Dakota/Kristen could totally be them in the future. I was watching the original Runaways clips and comparing them to what DakotaStew have been doing and it's an uncanny likeness. I want to see the whole movie now please.

SXSW Premiere

Kristen showed up in another Jasmine Di Milo leather dress and Dakota went with the more elegant lines of Elie Saab. I love how the girls always look like polar opposites on the red carpet.

I do not know why pictures were so hard to come by, but I guess that's because there wasn't as many photographers in SXSW?! But that's impossible right. I'll be waiting for more photos and I'll just add them later on, but I have to say I'm kinda sad the press tour is over. Sure I'm glad they'll be able to rest. But I'll have to count down again till Eclipse without The Runaways to look forward to.
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