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And The Eclipse Countdown Begins

I'm uber late to the party but with just 104 days left till Eclipse gets released, I have to say the teaser and sneak peek Summit has released on top of all the New Moon DVD features clips they're leaking are getting me slightly pumped. Though I admit it's not as jaw-dropping-pretty-i-love-you-chris-weitz level of New Moon, I'll give David Slade the benefit of the doubt. Plus all this pretty? It sure can't be bad, right?

Eclipse Teaser Trailer

Isabella Swan,
I promise to love you every moment forever

She's still human
The Volturi don't give second chances

Why are you so against me being like you?

I know the consequences of the choice you're making
After a few decades, everyone you know will be dead

You won't have to change for me, Bella
I'm in love with you and I want you to pick me instead of him

You have to consider the idea
that I might be better for her than you are

Edward, she found us
I'll protect you, no matter what

You don't know what you're getting yourself into
I'm gonna fight for you, till your heart stops beating

Eclipse Sneak Peak

Though I wasn't very impressed with the teaser trailer, seeing the 2-minute plus sneak peek made me much more excited. Here are some of the things I learned from watching the sneak peek.

Edward & Bella
Eclipse is my favorite book for a reason and I'm glad we see some E/B loving. Though I'm hoping it's not just restricted to those three scenes we saw stills of (the meadow, more meadow and in bed). From the looks of the sneak peek, it seems like we'll be getting a good enough portion of E/B. Though you can NEVER really have too much Edward/Bella.

I won't even go into detail on Bella's wig because I think everyone's had their bull with it. I hope they can CGI it up and make it as pretty and rich in color as her New Moon hair, because Bella was breathtaking in that movie.

The Cullens
FINAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY!!! You have no idea how happy I am that I had even enough caps to showcase the Cullens. These folks have been sorely underused in the past two movies (though with reason in New Moon -- see I love you, Chris Weitz) and now I'm really hoping we see A LOT OF THEM. And by that I mean in every damn scene.

Alas, I think we're getting a third of them, a third of the wolves and then the newborns. Still, look at Jasper's lovely wig and Rosalie running and Alice and Emmett being awesome and look, Mama and Papa Cullen looking fierce! I'm awfully excited for anything with my favorite vampire family.

The Wolves
Well, the wolves have to get some screen time and because Bella loves hanging out in the rez in the book, I sense lots of fireside chats and some Leah/Sam/Emily love drama on the side? Of course because it's supposedly a 'love triangle between E/B/J, I guess we'll see some Jacob too -- which makes jamypye happy. Yes, I saw you light up during That part of the trailer.

The Newborns
Other than Riley, I could really give a care about the Newborns but it seems like we're getting a lot of them as well. SO thank god Xavier Samuel is pretty because he deserves all this screen time despite him only having this ONE movie. Why kill him?!?

And though I have nothing against Bryce Dallas Howard, I really am missing Rachelle Lefevre. i'm sure Bryce did her best but seeing Rachelle in New Moon and now knowing she could have had a bigger role (and not to mention better hair than Bryce's wig), really makes me miss her. I still hate you, Summit for doing this.

The Volturi & Slade
I'm gonna do another re-read of Eclipse just to make sure I remember everything correctly but I'm really happy we get to see more Dakota Fanning. Girl is just growing on me so much and I find myself crushing on her though it feels so wrong as she's so young. I'm sure she'll be fierce.

As for Mr. Slade. Chris Weitz did a heck of a job. He raised the bar and just really made it hard to match up to -- considering I wasn't really a fan of New Moon (as a book). And now Slade comes in to direct my favorite book and I can't help but hold him to high standards. Here's to hoping he pulls it off and does it well.

Also, wildly_wrathful, this is officially the start of my countdown. 104 days to go till Eclipse and boy I'm really getting excited.
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