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Feels lost with no direction[10 Down/42 To Go!]
[-] My sister finally left for Singapore today. I am officially the only child (of the older 3 kids) left in Manila. I wonder how long it'll take before I get to go abroad too. I didn't cry (go me!) but it was sad. Have fun in Sinagpore, jamypye!

[+] On the bright side, I did get to see Remember Me on opening day and it was worth it. It was worth braving the mall on a Friday payday, worth lining up for a cab going home, worth watching it alone. The cast was brilliant. Rob, Emilie were love and Ruby Jerins just owns me. Great way to end my work week.

AI9 Top 12 Predictions

For those of you who watch Idol this year (why are we still watching?!), if you want to participate in our yearly predictions game, just answer this poll before AI shows this week on Tuesday! It's fun and involves lots of luck. Hope everyone has a great week up ahead!

Long day was long and I was at the office at the crack of dawn (646am) because I had an event. I really couldn't handle the massive amounts of people and i just wanted to go back to the office. When I did get back, there was a shitload of work but at least I was away from the crowds. What was the best part of my day (other than Christoph Waltz winning and Kstew being awkwardly adorable)? Hydraulic Level 5 update. So brilliant.
I thought this wasn't going to end work-wise, but thank god it did. Going home to Chuck, Gossip Girl and FINALLY the Oscars (or at least part of it) definitely made the end of the day worthwhile. Also, despite being a year or so late, I can't get The Climb out of my head. I swear it's on loop without me trying. Oh Miley, first Party in the USA and now this. I'm such a pop-fiend.
Two things: Got an instant message from high school crush and replied late (I was having lunch). He said 'hey' and I asked if he needed anything only to leave me hanging. Some things NEVER change. Also, I got an email from THE boss asking me to present something on friday. Ack. The last time I presented, i was so nervous, I talked really fast through it. I hope this one goes better though I'm not looking forward to it at all. Boo.
I finally bought my tickets for Remember Me tomorrow and this should be the highlight of my week. I'm dreading the presentation to our boss tomorrow and my sister leaving on Sunday and I didn't get to donate blood because my BP is too low and my white blood cells are too high. WTF body!? I just wanted to help my aunt out as she needs blood for her transfusion. I feel bad. It's my first time being rejected. Thank god for lemongrass tea to cheer me up.
I went back to my college after FOREVER to attend a talk about communication behavior on Facebook. It was weird being back. My presentation with the boss wasn't too bad. The fire drill didn't help me at all though. And it rained! Fire drill fail! Still, highlight of the day was seeing the okay Eclipse trailer and getting to see Remember Me albeit alone. Freaking fantastic. I'm so glad I got to catch it despite the crazy work week.
It was my sister's birthday and also her last day in Manila and we had family and her friends over. It was kinda sad knowing my sister wouldn't be with with us everyday but it's time she tried something new. I finally finished The Friday Night Knitting Club and really loved it. We tried watching Bright Star too but the others gave up. It was such a pretty film. I ended up sleeping early but waking up at midnight.
After bringing my sister to the airport (I didn't cry! I'm proud, though it was really sad), I got home just in time to watch La Vie En Rose. And because lazy day is lazy, I tried catching up with Vampire Diaries. I'm up to episode 11 now and I wanna finish before the season starts again.
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