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12 of 12: March 2010

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

01:31 am // my bedroom
Got in late from dinner out with my parents. I swear I want to collapse but instead I start my 12 of 12! Here's my favorite bracelet from my mom featuring none other than the different tourist spots in London. It reminds me to NOT spend if I wanna go to London 2012.

01:59 am // my grandma's room
I've been reading The Friday Night Knitting Club and I'm really enjoying it. Though everytime I read the name Dakota (I think Dakota Fanning -- who also knits) but the little girl is supposed to be African American so obviously Miss Fanning not for the part

09:35 am // my office desk
My office mate brings the best sandwiches and totally makes me want to steal them and eat them myself. Thank goodness I restrained myself -- I realized it was Friday and I should stick to fish. I got a compromise though. Yellow fin tuna mayonaise sandwich for dinner!

09:54 am // my office desk
My manager is on a baking spree and she made all kinds of sugar-less or less-sugar cookies for her grandpa who's got diabetes. All I can say is I was very very tempted to just dig into those plastic containers and steal one. Thank goodness I had a tad more self-control.

09:57 am // my office desk
Right before my presentation with our managing director (and our fire drill), I show my manager the Eclipse trailer in a ploy to calm myself down from the nervousness and just get my mind off the presentation. I love how my manager is uber supportive of my methods.

12:07 pm // The Loop
I don't buy lunch but we've got a pretty good selection in the cafeteria we go to more often. The Little store is the favorite place for my officemates to buy food. I ended up smelling like the Loop (read: food smell that sticks like anything) when I got back up to the office.

03:34 pm // UP Diliman
I actually went back to my college for the Department Extension Research Project that focused on Filipino Communicative Behaviors on Facebook. It was a great presentation! I can't believe I just graduated. Then we ate isaw and burned under the sun. Good times.

06:05 pm // office entrance
I simultaneously am excited and dreading the opening of a frozen yogurt store in our building. This will mean I can get froyo ANYTIME I want. However, it will also mean I will end up flat broke financing my addiction to frozen yogurt. I hope it's not too expensive.

10:38 pm // my bathroom
my sister's nearly done packing (I think) for her move to Singapore this Sunday and it's weird seeing her side of the bathroom not jampacked with things. It's still not settling in that she's leaving. I guess it'll dawn on me when she finally does leave on Sunday. So near.

10:39 pm // my room
After work, I caught Remember Me (alone!) at Trinoma and it was so worth it. The long line to get a cab going home felt like nothing because I was on a Remember Me high. I kinda want to watch it again. And the crowd was well-behaved, so I'm happy about that.

10:40 pm // my room
While waiting for my movie, I went around the mall and fell captive to Bayo (where I buy a lot of my dresses). I usually don't buy dresses if they're over a thousand ($20 cause i'm cheap like that), but I figured everythings over a thousand already and so I succumbed to two dresses!

10:45 pm // my sister's bedroom
My sister used to be a more rabid bookworm than I was. But now it seems the tables have turned. I got her Love, Stargirl as a going away present/birthday gift and it's funny how the story seems to mirror her. I got her Stargirl for her graduation too.
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