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I miss the sound of your voice[9 Down/43 To Go!]
[+] What a week. Boring really, but hey I rehash it anyway, cause I'm boring like that. I was boss-less for 2 of the days and had to oversee a website launch and just wasn't sure I would survive this week. Luckily, I'm still breathing to see another week of work. So lovely.

[+] Thanks to mizra for the lovely VGIFT! I don't even know what the occasion is, so I'm just touched. You're such a sweetheart. You're making me want to go get tea!

Ask Me Anything

And just because it's fun while I'm new to it, go ask me anything. And get one just in case you don't have one yet. It's kinda addicting. Though I'm thoroughly late to it.

[+] It's my sister's last week in Manila before moving to Singapore this week. I'm gonna try to be a good sister this week. Hope you all have good weeks ahead too.

Not fun to start the week with a complication in a project. I'm trying to think positive because as my manager said, there's really nothing I can about it, but i can't help but worry about things not going right. For now, I'll try to stay calm. Meanwhile, I finished Citizen Girl and loved it to bits. I don't get why the authors can't ever give their heroines a happy romantic ending. I get their feminist stand but come on, throw me a bone, please?
I started reading Dedication and I'm liking it. A lot. It feels like a fic except not. The day was practically perfect because Chuck was finally back (and was freaking amazing) and my folks picked me up. I just didn't like that I wasn't able to use the laptop since my little sister needed it for school. I get that it's for school, I just wish I had my own laptop. Looks like I'll really need to do a ton of saving.
I'm waking up later than I used to and getting to work later but somehow I don't feel like I'm doing less work. This is a good thing. I think I'm getting lazy already which shows how the novelty of work is wearing off. I don't know what career path I want to take from hereon, but I guess I'm just taking it a day at a time. When I got home, my grandma asked me to show her my Facebook. I can't say no to grandma. That was a weird experience.
It wasn't such a bad day sans my manager. I was able to get through most of my tasks though I'm not sure if what I was doing was anywhere near correct. Still crossing my fingers that the website comes through before the deadline. Idol is not holding my interest that I literally put off watching it so I could finish my book and because Just Wait is all consuming. I blame you famouslyso and dorkfish04!!!
So much for ending the work week right. Despite getting the website up, I get the news we have two new pitches to accomplish all before Tuesday. I try not to worry about it as I head to my family dinner for my grandma (she's leaving on Saturday) but I can't help but get overwhelmed by the amount of things I'll have waiting for me next week. Boo. Thank goodness for great food and a long sleep ahead. I got home and was out like a lightbulb.
Perfect weekends consist of waking up late, having McDonalds (cheeseburger deluxe!) and KFC (coleslaw is love) for two meals of the day and watching New Moon (DVD RIP BABY!) with my little sister and her friend who loves Twilight. I finally got to catch up on all the Interwebz I didn't get to do during the week thanks to work. Still, the weekend feels too damn short. I really need a president who'll make it a three day weekend.
As much as I'd love to just enjoy Sundays, I can't help but feel sad that the next day is already a work day. Still, I tried making the most of it with lots of napping and reading in between. I haven't gotten around to starting my new book, The Friday Night Knitting Club, but I'll probably do that tomorrow. I don't want to think of the next week, but I can't help it. There's just so much to do. I'm already looking forward to the weekend.
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