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Rob Lives In the Moment

Rob Remembers[robert pattinson fan]
In what was an insane week for the cast of Remember Me, we get a whole flurry of publicity from Rob and Emilie (who I am crushing on so bad), Pierce (still so handsome especially in his MySpace Artist on Artist with Rob) and my personal favorite Ruby Jerins (who can be nothing but adorable in my eyes).

There have been so many interviews -- from The Today Show to The View to The Daily Show (JStew, you own me) Jimmy Fallon, the premiere, the press junket and the behind the scenes that I haven't gone through. Thank goodness it's the weekend.

Press Conference

I have yet to catch up on ALLLLLLL the press junket videos and I'm sure i won't ever be able to, but Rob is back to his disheveled good looks. I especially love day 2 of the junket where he's in that white shirt. Looks like he went straight from bed. And don't we all appreciate that?

The Today Show

You can't go wrong with Matt Lauer. Somehow, I was excited to see both Matt & Rob just because two good looking men is always better than one. I will always be jealous of the girls who get to wake up early and drag their asses to 30 Rock to see the stars live just because I was too lazy to do this when I was in New York in 2005. Lesson learned. The looks on the faces of the fans, say it all.

The Early Show

I have no words to say other than that suit really really really looks freaking good on him. What a sight to wake up to, seriously. I'm surprised the pregnant lady who interviewed him, didn't go into labor when he walked onto the set.

The View

I don't watch the View at all but obviously this time, I stuck around to check it out. How adorable are Rob and Emilie here?! They're just too fun to watch. And the backstage videos of Rob's family and how Rob likes daytime interviews better? Totally cute.

New York Premiere

It wasn't a HUUUUGE carpet which is good but despite that, there are still a gazillion interviews that I'm just too tired and lazy to go through. I wish there was some kind of master post for videos that I could just go to. *Wishful thinking* He looked good though in his suit sans tie. And Emilie was just a vision in her dress. Look at how high her heels were and she's still nowhere near Rob.

Rob, Emilie & Ruby

Seeing them all together, Ruby, Rob and Emilie is just too much preciousness in one shot. I love watching Ruby's interviews just cause she really is a kid and acts like a kid and sounds like a kid and dresses like one (I'm looking at you Noah Cyrus). I hope this kid goes far.


The most debated pair of pants ever and I have to say at first, I really wasn't liking it, but it's grown on me, I guess. I'm totally easy to please. I love the leather jacket though. She will always have the best leather jackets. So sweet of her to come and support. I doubt Rob will be able to attend The Runaways premiere next week as he's shooting Bel Ami. But it was to see Kristen.

London Premiere

ETA: Of course they had to take it to London as well. Rob's hometown cannot be ignored and it was just great to see him again after his quasi disappearance thanks to shooting Bel Ami. And look! His hair isn't all flattened down like it was during the BAFTAs. In fact, he looks kinda Pre-Twilight Rob with all the sex hair.

Rob & Emilie

And though I honestly don't get the Emilie hate, I'm gonna go and say I'm actually kinda crushing on her. Sure, I have no time to catch up on Lost anymore, but I will watch that series when it's over. After watching them in Remember Me, I wanna watch it again no matter how depressing. Their chemistry on screen is just amazing.
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