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Jen Reads to kids; Harry does hit bit; Anne premieres 'Alice' in London

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I've been so spoiled this week. From the many appearances Rob and Kristen had (more on that later this week): Jen reading to kids, Prince Harry being awesome, and Anne in Wonderland, my eyes had a feast of pretty. Doesn't hurt that Anna, Camilla, Zooey and Rachel decided to appear as well. Then the Prince of Persia trailer gets released? Perfection.


I'm not quite sure what The Milk + Bookies First Annual Story Time Celebration is, but Jen looks really cute in her awfully simple outfit while reading to kids. I can already imagine her putting Violet and Seraphina to bed. I'm sure she does lots of voices while she reads. I love how generally cheery she looks at the event. And I love the preppy look.


Wearing Vivienne Westwood (though not my favorite dress), Anne still looked great at the Royal London Premiere of Alice in Wonderland. I'm so stoked to watch this, hopefully I can catch it this weekend if it doesn't sell out so quickly and if the lines aren't so long. But I love how her smile was so bright despite the crazy rain.


I wonder if his mom would still be doing these kinds of things if she were still alive, but Harry carries on with royal duties, this time visiting the Cyclists of the Dallagio Cycle Slam. I have no idea what kind of small talk you have to do at these things, but seeing Harry's red hair and bright smile as he continues his work just puts a smile on my face as well. Doesn't hurt that he rocks the suit and looks totally comfortable moving in one.

Prince of Persia

I have no idea how the original video game was but based on the first two trailers I've seen, I feel like I'm going to enjoy this movie. And though it gets the comparison to Pirates of the Carribean, I'm going to try and judge it by itself and not based on that, cause you can't really beat Johnny Depp. I'm just excited to see Jake do all this action.


First she's at the Costume Designers Guild Awards looking amazingly bridal (but so pretty really) in Elie Saab Couture. I wish she'd have worn this to the Oscars, but I'm crossing my fingers she has something great for that one. her photos backstage are just so cute and full of life and I kinda want to be friends with her. She really carries the long train and the pretty details without it overpowering her.

Rachel & Anna

Then Anna appears with Rachel at the Zac Posen Z Spoke dinner looking a little more casual and laidback though still gorgeous as ever. I miss seeing R-Bils around and it's a surprise she was sans Mr. Christensen, so I'll take it and imagine Adam Brody was still with her. But really, how awesome to have AK and R-Bils in one shot. Fandoms collide!


I would probably spontaneously combust if Camilla Belle showed up at the Oscars next week as well, but for now I'll just comfort myself with her looking FREAKING AMAZING in her white Marchesa dress at a cocktail party celebrating Oscar Fashion. She looks kinda bombshell in these and though Wilmer Valderama looks douche-tastic, I'm really loving how this girl just looks so great all the time.


Look at the adorable Deschanel family. Zooey and Emily (I miss Bones so much) came out to support their dad, Caleb at the 24th Annual American Society Of Cinematographers Awards. I'm guessing Papa!Deschanel won an award, cause the family was full force. Don't you love how Zooey totally just works the camera being her adorable self? I wonder how Emily is as an older sister. Their personalities feel so different. But really, just prettiness all around.
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