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Now take me down[8 Down/44 To Go!]
[+] I first want to thank flautapantera for the totally unexpected but totally cherished VGIFT she sent! I'm touched beyond belief. Thanks so much dear!!!! ♥

[+] I guess what got me through the week was looking forward to the fun run (5K) I ran on Sunday morning. My brother veganpunk_ ran the 10K (in an hour!) and is in general great shape so it was great to have someone wake up extremely early with me and trek to Manila for the run. I wanna do it again!

Ask Me A Question

Oh and I know I'm totally late to this formspring bandwagon, but ask me questions, will you? I just realized just how fun this could be if I actually did it. Anonymous or not, though I'd love to know who was asking, of course.

[+] I hope everyone has a better week ahead. February's over. How fast is that?!?

Why do my siblings NOT have class and I have to go to work? Was the EDSA Revolution not for everyone? Either way, it wasn't such a bad day at work. It's crazy how monotonous work can be that when the tissue dispensers in the bathroom get changed, it's a totally BIG event for us me. Oh the boring life of an office worker. But the BAFTAs sure were a great way to start the week.
Despite getting kicked around in the train and totally trampled on, on the way to work, the rest of the day wasn't so bad at all. Plus, getting to chat with PB after forever felt really good. With the sister joining him in a few weeks, I'll be the only one of the older 3 left among the siblings. It's sort of settling in that my sister is leaving but it's not like I won't get to visit them in Singapore. Must save up, now!
I haven't been out of the house (to a mall) with my parents in forever. I'm just really lazy to go out on weekends. So it was a good thing I got home really early and got to catch a movie with my folks. Sure, it wasn't the movie we thought we were entering (for some reason we mixed up "Armoured" and "Edge of Darkness" but it ended up being entertaining as well.
For some reason I was exhausted when I got home from work despite it not being such a hectic day -- I even drove to work but I wiped out. I literally collapsed when I got home, not even getting to eat dinner on time. I usually don't wake up anymore so it's a good thing my mom woke me up for the 11pm American Idol -- though I'm really not impressed by the lot this year.
It feels so good to finally reach Friday. It felt like it would never come this week. My manager wasn't feeling so well so she took half the day off but really, I was just counting down the hours till I could finally go home and veg and do nothing. My sister has flown off to Shanghai for vacation before her eventual Singapore move and I wonder how long it'll take before I've saved up enough to travel.
Lazy me actually got out of the house to have lunch with birthday girl Kim. She took her university in the US so I'd only see her during the summer but now that she's here to work for a bit, it would be a shame if we didn't see each other more often. We had a HUGE lunch at Cyma and just talked for hours. It was so good to catch up and get out of the house. I really do miss her.
So much for running a 5K in 50 minutes (lame, I know -- but the point is, I survived). I ended up eating a WHOLE lotta lunch and even more during our dinner out with the grandmas in Kimpura (Japanese). It felt really really good to run again, and I kinda miss it. If only I actually did the running in between these silly fun runs I join, then maybe my time would improve.
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