Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Jake & Natalie Feed the Hungry; Jen Makes Dreams Come True; Anne Enters Wonderland

[I♥Jake 123]
Look at all these folks being good and helping folks out. Jake and Natalie go the philanthropy route (while looking gorgeous) and so does Jen with the I Have a Dream Foundation. And though Alice in Wonderland is still a few weeks away, I'm excited to see all the press Anne and company are going to be doing. Mia Wasikowska's pixie cut is love. I kinda want to see her in more things now.

Jake & Natalie

How adorable are Jake and Natalie together?! I need to watch Brothers and just see these two together more just because they're so cute and I wish they'd get back together just because two awesome folks coming together make for more awesomeness. Jake's single, Natalie. just saying.

And look at Natalie being all vegan gorgeous. It's a right of passage for my brothers to like this girl. I am one with my brothers. Natalie is just beautiful. How can I not love her?! I need to keep tabs on her more. Hopefully out with Jake more.


Smiley Jen is smiley. And she looks great while helping out. I love how she looks really happy to be there with the kids! Her smile makes me want to smile and have fun with her. And look! It's JJ Abrams! Something tells me they need to collaborate again. searchtheskies is making me want to break out my Alias DVDs.


And the Alice in Wonderland press blitz begins. I saw the trailer on the big screen this evening and it really did take me away to Wonderland. Anne's infectious smile is fantastic as always. And Mia's looking quite the adorable girl as well. That Vanity Fair cover is making me crush on all these new girls. Annie Liebovitz, you know how to make me crush.
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