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Kristen's Star is Rising

I love how my favorite people seem to strike gold at the BAFTA's! Four years ago, Jake won a BAFTA for best supporting actor, and now it's Kristen's turn to get the Orange Rising Star award! And sure, it's voted on by the public (read: Twilight fans), but she did get nominated by her peers which sure means a lot to her.

To add to the already awesome BAFTA's, we get Rob presenting (with slicked down hairdo; so far from his Details cover), Anna just being adorably amazing and of course some unexpected moments. Over-all, I'm just happy for Kristen and hopeful her star really is a rising one. And onto the pretty of the BAFTAs


Though probably not her best look, Kristen looked pretty good in her white Chanel dress and Roger Vivier heels. To say she was awkward and uncomfortable on the red carpet would be an understatement. Her body language says it all. But when she got onstage and kept pretty calm with her acceptance speech and held herself pretty well in the backstage interviews shows she's growing up a bit. And I'm just ecstatic for her and proud of her. Go Kristen.

On a side note, I love how she made sure she wouldn't drop this award and also how incredibly polite British audiences are. what a well behaved crowd (inside the theater at least). 'Hi to Kristen's family.' How adorable is she, greeting them. I'm sure Mama and PapaStew are so proud.


Meanwhile, despite Rob's like 10-second appearance, he sure looked dapper in his Gucci suit. Boy is filling out the suit nicely, though I'm not a big fan of the hair. I can't wait to see how Bel Ami turns out now that he's back home in the UK shooting it. Should be something to look forward to.


And of course, Anne the ever lovely looked so pretty in her yellow Pucci dress. I love it, though it wasn't loved by all either. Girl always looks effortless and totally at home on the red carpet, walking it like a pro like a boss! I'm not going to lose hope over the Academy Awards just yet. I'm just glad she's gonna be there looking good.

Elle Style Awards

ETA: Kristen stayed in London for more than just the BAFTAs apparently. She was honored with the Woman of the Year award (whoa) at the Elle Style Awards. Though her style is still something she's learning and getting better at, I preferred this look to her BAFTA dress. Emilio Pucci + Nicole leather jacket (with the adorable red polka dot lining) = more comfortable look for her. Too freaking adorable.

Burberry Prorsum Show

ETA: And we get Kristen in more grey! It was a surprise/shock to see her in a runway show, but I guess all of this goes to promotion for the Runaways and hey, the more time in London, the better right? I loved how she looked right at home with her Cutlass director Kate Hudson in the front row. The more appearances, the happier I get.

And thought it's pics or it didn't happen, it's hilarious how crazy things are around her/them now.

The Yellow Handkerchief

Meanwhile, Kristen looked fabulous a few days ago at the premiere (?) of The Yellow Handkerchief. I'm glad the success of Twilight has gotten her older (and still unreleased) movies seeing the light of day, so that's one good thing that's come out of this entire hoopla.

Though I doubt I'll ever get to see this on the big screen, I'll content myself with the fact that at least others will get to see it. And she looked stunning in her Azarro dress a few nights ago. I wish Eddie Redmayne came to the event as well. He's so cute during interviews with Kristen and accents just kill me.

And just because you can't ignore this... It had to be done. Apart from the naked girls (cause it's high fashion like that), Rob looks impeccable in the 10th Anniversary issue of Details. Looks like this one is going to fly off the shelves.

Details Magazine

When I was 17 until, I don't know, 20, I had this
massive, baseless confidence. This very clear
idea of myself and how I would achieve
success, which involved making

decisions. I saw myself picking up the
phone and saying, 'Absolutely not'
or 'Definitely yes.' Having control.
Except you have to figure out

whether the way you think at
19 or 20 has any value.
And eventually I

understood, with
all that control,
which was

I wasn't


"Shall we go see about that harness?
Seriously, you eventually realize you can't make every single decision.
I was always building, always protecting something.
At the same time, I seemed to be losing the ability to move.
I'd protected myself into checkmate. Even mentally."

"Before, I felt like I couldn't break through anything, including myself.
And now it feels a bit as though I've climbed along the side of my brain
and am at least looking in.
But I know it will take me at least another 10 years
before I'm remotely satisfied with anything I do.
But with acting you keep trying in the hopes you might be... great.
But then I think, does wanting to be good or even great,
or even just wanting to make art, cheapen the experience?"

Over-all, not a bad way to start the week. Just a week to go till the Oscars. Kristen and Taylor are presenting and now I'm just crossing my fingers for a Rob appearance and an Anna Kendrick win and all will be fantastic.
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