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Just Say Yes[7 Down/45 To Go!]
[-] Despite my swollen foot and over-all discomfort with walking this week, it wasn't such a bad one after all. Walking on one foot is not fun. At all. Thank goodness it's better. I also realized I cannot do pill-popping. I totally forget schedules and have missed my doses of Advil for the pain. I'm horrible.

[+] It was a great week for fic though. A Rough Start on Monday; Counterpoint x3 On Tues, Wed and Sat! Emancipation Proclamation on Thursday! The Cannabean Betrothal on Friday and a finale of Hydraulic Level 5 on Sunday. Too much love. I'm spoiled.

[+] I've been distracted by fic, but Jane Eyre is actually really good. I'm totally preferring it to Wuthering Heights, so sorry Emily. I liked you, but I'm liking Charlotte's work more. I hope I finish this soon. I hope everyone has a good week up ahead. Less stress, more fangirling (sans the drama) for everyone.

Long days seem shorter when you get good news. My boss informed me that I had already been regularized! I'm no longer on probation (after 5 months and a week) and I can have vacation and sick leaves and benefits and all that jazz. This makes me immensely happy. Then my teammates surprise me with a belated birthday card that they all signed and I can't help but get choked up over it.
So much for feeling cute and dressing up in a dress, the day turned out to be horrific. From the preso we had to do for mancom, to the additional work we now have to accomplish for that seminar we attended to work piling up till it surpasses your head. Not fun. Not even ex-office crush swinging by (he left on Thursday) and giving me a goodbye hug could uplift my spirits.
I love how despite having a shitty day yesterday, I can have a good day today. From the early morning mass for Ash Wednesday to 2 Counterpoint Updates to a not so crazy day work-wise to Idol at night. Things were just great. And I find out that I totally missed the first chapter of Skygod. What a way to end the day. You cannot go wrong with some fantastic E/B fic.
Why'd you have to hurt feet? I woke up with a weird pain in the ball of my right foot. It's weird cause I wear flats all the time and didn't do anything strenuous theday before. I took a cab going to work and coming home just because I can't seem to walk properly without it hurting. And on top of that, I had to deal with a client sans my boss. Scary stuff, but I survived, thank god.
Overuse. I apparently overused the ball of my right foot because I lean all my weight on my right side unconsciously. I wish the pain would just go away. As I look forward to the weekend of staying off my feet, I try to get through Friday without too much walking. This means paying for a cab -- boo! and walking very slowly without putting pressure on my right foot. Difficult, I tell you.
I declined going out with Kim and going to Ynna's birthday (In Bulacan) because my feet were still swollen and tender and I just wasn't in the mood to walk or drive or do anything. But when Pamy (and her boyfriend Jody) and my grandma and mom lay on the guilt trip, I end up going to dinner to a Japanese eat all you can. Great food, considering we waited an HOUR AND A HALF to be seated.
It's unfair how my siblings have no class tomorrow and I have to go to work. I ended up reading fic and just lounging around in my pajamas. Fun stuff. I end up watching Once Upon a Mattress and Post Grad with my siblings and having McDonalds for dinner. If only I didn't have to go to work tomorrow, this weekend would have been so much better.
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