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TV Time: Idol Finally Gives Us Our Top 24; Katie Fucking Fitch Should Not Be Messed With

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With the Winter Olympics, I had to give up Chuck for the week (when it was getting really good). This week proved to be sadly lacking in TV (though it made up with lots of fic). I'm glad I finally enjoyed Idol after weeks of dormancy and Skins is slowly getting better. I never thought I'd appreciate Katie Fitch this much. I'm excited to see the others though. Freddie and JJ and Effy. For now, we get the other Fitch.

American Idol 09x07-08: Hollywood Part 3 & 4

I'm glad we got a bit more singing in though it annoyed me how it was spread to two episodes. But after x seasons of Idol, I'm kinda used to the craziness that they are. I was particularly laughing whenever they'd do superimposing of Randy's face or Simon's comments to the Idol hopefuls inside the three rooms -- remembering their comments for them during their Hollywood week. I was like, wow, flashback to BC 121. I never thought they'd do that effect on Idol. I'm glad they got rid of room 2. I was getting sick of rocker mom. I'm sad to see Charity Vance go though.

Now the top 24. I don't care for half of them, or most of them really, but if I had to choose a top 12, they'd sort of be who's up there. There are the non-negotiables and the ones that I just put in just because I needed to fill up the 12 spots.

Crystal Bowersox really wowed me with her 'If it makes you happy' that I suddenly started listening to my old Sheryl Crow mp3s. Siobhan Magnus is so adorable in her quirky, "i'm-weird" way and I love it. I hope they don't package her into the typical after the top 24 because she's adorable as she is.

Despite being the golden boy, Andrew Garcia is really good and I just like watching him. Casey James is making the panties drop collectively and my sister is probably going to be flailing hers at him all the way from Singapore. And John Park! I feel he's this season's Anoop Desai but I like him anyway. I hope he makes it to the top 12 at least.

Skins 04x04: Katie

I was never a big fan of Katie Fitch but after this week's episode, I'm kinda loving her. Like a lot. From how she handled her little brother and swallowing her pride to ask Naomi for help, to just being so helpful to her family and not thinking of herself, I wanted to give her a hug.

On top of that, she learns she can't have kids?! How horrible is that for her? I personally don't want kids but for someone who seems to want them, I'm sure it's devastating. I'm glad she and Effy kinda kissed and made up. As for Thomas? Well, I'm just not that into him. So sorry, Thomas.
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