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Zac Surfs Up; Anna and Camilla Bring The Pretty

New Week, New Pretty[123456]
Despite stressful days at the office, I can always count on fangirling to make things all better when I get home. This week, so much 'happened' for my girl crushes and manjoyment that it was nice to just sift through photos of pretty from everywhere.

From Zac teaching surfing, to premiers galore (Jen & Anne for Valentines Day premiere; Camilla for Father Of Invention) to Prince Harry doing good (of course), to Anna just looking amazing at the Oscar luncheon -- there was so much going on. I haven't even started on those Rob Details pics. That's for another day.

Jen & Anne ♥ Valentines Day

Apart from Kutcher, Marshall elicits the best performances from Hathaway (his Princess Diaries protegee), as an aspiring actress with a curious sideline -- Carrie Rickey,

Best of all, Marshall genuinely loves women, the more fire in their bellies the better. He bestows on Garner as satisfyingly crass a female revenge scene as I've seen since The First Wives Club. Hathaway gets to rip the flavorless Topher Grace a good one for applying a double standard. -- Ella Taylor, NPR

Sure Valentines Day isn't going to win any awards. In fact, the critics (and a lot of audiences) hated it, but it was fun and fluffy and had two of my favorites in it, so I can't complain that much. I sure wanted to see more Eric Dane & Bradley Cooper but I'll take what I can get.

Meanwhile, Jen and Anne look gorgeous at the premiere. And though Jen seems to be 'closer' to Jessica (they're characters were best friends), in my mind, Anne and Jen are BFFs and that makes me happy. I want to pull of a little (insert color) dress like these two. Stunning, I tell you.

Prince Harry Does Even More Good

I know as royalty, this is pretty much what you do, but it's always still nice to see Harry actually go out and do this. He attended the England v Wales - RBS Six Nations, (which sounds like football or something) with William and seeing him interact with the people always puts a smile on my face. Doesn't hurt that he looks gorgeous while doing so too.

Zac Hangs Ten

I've always wanted to surf, but I'm too chicken. These photos kind of just cemented the deal. If I can get Zac Efron to teach me how to surf, I'd probably wipe out or something from shock. I can fantasize though, right? Lucky girls who were on the beach with him.

Camilla is Glam As Always

I'm not quite sure what Camilla's movie is about, but she looked damn great in her Marchesa dress for the premiere and her Juicy Couture shift for the photo call. This girl just can't do any wrong fashion-wise. I wish I were that stylish.

Anna's Wants That Oscar

And of course girl crush of the moment, Anna was just splendid and so elegant in her Gianfranco Ferre Spring 2010 ivory top and skirt for the Oscar luncheon. I can't imagine what's going through her mind, just taking it all in. But I'm really excited for the ceremony and just her being there. BAFTA's first (I heard Kristen is supposed to appear -- she's nominated), but after that, let's go Oscars!
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