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Kristen Goes Viva La Vida

I miss this girl. On a rare occasion of stepping out to an opening of a night club (for the benefit of Haiti), we get a glimpse of Kristen post-Sundance and pre-The Runaways/Eclipse craziness. On top of that, we get a beautiful Vanity Fair cover (with some Anna-love) that will assure I will be broke thanks to magazines in March. I sure hope The Runaways gets released the same time over here. [Vanity Fair]

La Vida Restaurant Opening

It's funny cause she looks cuter in the candid shots of her leaving the restaurant, but I won't complain cause she looks casually cool in her jeans and heels! It's a rare occasion to see her frequent an opening of a bar much more be in heels, so this was a welcome treat.

Vanity Fair // Class of 2010

In an era in which every teen star
has a stylist and a bland pop record,
19-year-old Kristen Stewart
is the tough-minded, no-frills anomaly.

Stewart played Bella Swan not as a cartoon
but as anxious and complicated
— making the predicament of being torn
between a vampire and a werewolf seem …
well, almost plausible.

She looks gorgeous (even if she isn't her smiley best) and I love the clothes she got to wear. It was a nice compromise between being girly and still having her own tomboy-ish edge. And special mention to Anna Kendrick who looked so freaking beautiful in this shoot. After her Oscar nomination, I'm thinking she'll be joining Kristen on the cover next time.

The Runaways

I don't know how long I can contain my excitement for this, but I just want to watch this one when it finally comes out. My love for Dakota Fanning just grows more everytime I see new stuff with Kristen and I love their little friendship they've got going thanks to this. This should be good.
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