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I dont want to ask you if you dont have to ask me; If you cant talk to me, then who you talking to?

Are you willing to try?[6 Down/46 To Go!]
[+] First off I want to thank EVERYONE that greeted me (via VGIFT!!!, LJ entry, replied to my post, PM-ed me, text me, called me, sent me a card, on Facebook, on Twitter). You guys really really made my birthday special. It's lovely to be remembered. So thank you all ♥

[+] And really, being 23 doesn't feel any more different than being 22. I'm sure my 17 year old brother feels no different from being 16 either. But celebrating another year of life sure does feel good.

[+] Saw Dear John and Valentines Day this week and as easy as I am to please, I did enjoy. I'm a sucker for schmaltzy things. Even at 23!

[+] Wishing everyone a fantabulously lovely Valentines Day! Lord knows those Eclipse stills sure made it seem like Christmas on Valentines. I love you all.

My manager was absent (and though she'd told me in advanced) it was still weird to not have her around making sure I didnt mess up. I don't think I did, but i had to attend to so many things without checking with her if what i was doing was okay or enough. It's obvious how I'm so not ready to take on more responsibility. Or perhaps I'm just too afraid of messing up. Thank goodness she'll be back tomorrow.
You know when you're looking forward to something, the longer the days seem to go? Work is work and I don't know how I'm going to keep writing these when NOTHING ever happens. My manager came back and we had some things to catch up on. And that seminar I had to attend a week ago? Well we're trying to finish our 'homework' for that and I am not liking it. At all. I hate group works where the group doesn't work.
I never get sick so the fact that my throat is hella sore but I have no fever and don't feel sick at all pisses me off. I wish I'd just go all the way sick then I could stay home and be sick instead of at work feeling a little sick. And to make a not so good day worse, I get home to zero internet when I actually need it for work. I need less erratic days up ahead please. I really do prefer the monotony of boring-ness.
Taking a day off from work has got to be the best present ever. I was able to get my hair cut and colored, picked up my birthday gift from 130587 from the post office, shop a bit at the mall, watch Dear John, go to mass, catch up on Idol and bask in all the love EVERYONE has given me for my birthday. I don't know how I'm going to drag myself to work tomorrow but today was pretty damn great. Here's to more birthdays.
Long day at work is long but ending it with 'dinner at the movies' with Lee-Ann was fantastic. I've known this girl since kinder 1 and we've been friends as long and no matter what movie we would have seen (we saw Valentines Day), I knew it would be fun going with her. Feels like a great extension to my birthday. The conversations I have with this girl is unlike any other I have so it's always good to catch up! Thanks Lee!
I guess my body had to crash after two days of exhaustion. I spent most of the morning in bed, went down for lunch and went back up to sleep only to wake up at around midnight totally missing out on the whole day. This is the life. Now if only I had an extra day off on Monday to offset the non-activities I didn't get to do today (thanks to excessive sleeping). I'll say it again, we need more weekend days. Screw Mondays.
The best thing about Valentines Day? It's my brother's birthday and my grandpa's as well so it's not like the focus of it is on having a boyfriend or anything. My entire family came over to have lunch (even my aunt whom I haven't seen since she started chemo!) and it was just a blast. Really good food and really good company. And in between that? Sleep of course. It's what I do best.
Tags: 2010 weekender, barkada, first job, more family, my birthday, siblings, vacation
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