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TV Time: Chuck and Sarah Get Some Loving, Hollywood Finally Hits AI, Cook's Brother is Adorable

Thank goodness for Hollywood week. After skipping out on Idol last week, it finally got interesting for me to watch this time around. Chuck was adorable as always with all the partner swapping, but that's all good. We know we're Sarah/Chuck in the end, right? And we see another side of Cook that kinda tugged at my heartstrings, I gotta say. Paddy/Cook is my new OTP.

Chuck 03x07: Chuck Versus the The Mask

Since I'm working under the assumption that Chuck and Sarah are going to be together in the end, I'm kinda cool with all this Shaw/Sarah, Chuck/Hannah business just because a) Shaw is really ridiculously good looking despite the leery looks; and b) Hannah is kinda adorable and kinda right for Chuck.

But see all this right-ness is just for the moment cause I really feel like shit is going to down with Shaw/Hannah. Why do I feel like they're in on something together and why does it seem like Shaw is kinda skeevy?! We'll see.

And poor poor poor Morgan. This is probably the worst that could happen from Chuck/Hannah. How could this happen to Morgan??! I say they bring back Anna and Morgan totally ditches his bromance with Chuck so that Chuck can see what's he's missing. Bros over hos, Chuck! What are you thinking?!?!

American Idol 9: Hollywood Week Part 1

Finally! A week where I'm not totally dissatisifed with how things went down. I liked how we finally got to hear them sing for more than a few seconds and though group day had a ton of drama, I liked Day 1 of Hollywood week so much. Pretty much all the kids in the photo up there were worth mentioning.

Andrew Garcia of course and his 'version' of Straight Up was amazing. Katie Stevens, Jannell Wheeler, Lilly Scott, and Crystal Bowersox were really good as well. And just because I loved that TSwift's song was sung, Haeley Vaughn was a surprise. I hope this means country week will have someone singing Love Story or Fearless right??!

And before I forget. Ellen! I'm really liking her. She's honest without being too brutal and her comedic timing softens the blow without sugarcoating things. I'm really liking having her on the panel. This should be mucho fun when the Top 24 rolls around.

Skins 04x03: Cook

We all know Cook's a tad bit messed up so it was great to see just how 'normal' he can be with his brother Paddy, who is now my official favorite character. How adorbale is this little boy?! and look how much he idolizes/worships Cook. It's great to see the mini-transformation you see in Cook throughout this episode. he started out totally not giving a damn, but when he saw what a profound effect he had on his brother, he actually decided to clean his act up and own up to things.

I hope he doesn't stay in jail for too long because I miss seeing him with Freddie, JJ and even Effy. When she visited him in jail, I thought she was a bit of a tease, but you know Effy, she just wanted to clear things up and show that they could still be friends. I'm hoping the same goes for Freddie/JJ/Cook too. JJ seems to have come around and Freddie? Well now Freddie can't get mad at Cook for sleeping with his sister. He got head from Cook's mom! Which is kinda worse. I think.

But really, the sweetest bit?! Cook owning up for Naomi's drugs. Look at him take the fall for her. And he won't even get to bang her! How sweet is that?! I love their bond and how they can just be there for each other minus the sex. Here's to hoping there's more poignant moments between friends.

Also, Roundview College Kick Out Count: 2 (that's Thomas and Cook for you). I wonder if anyone will be left after this season's over.
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