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12 of 12: February 2010

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

So I'm late. I blame work really for everything. I'm just so exhausted by the time I get home that I've put off so many things. Oh well, this is already a preview of the year to come. here is a look at the most boring day ever from my office desk.

12:03 am // my room
Closing out my birthday, I decided to watch some New Moon. Chris Weitz still owns my heart. I don't know how much I'll love Eclipse (though it's my favorite book) or how Breaking Dawn will be made, but this movie? I love.

12:10 am // my room
My dad and my sister sure know the way to my heart. My dad was supposed to be on 24 hour duty at the hospital, but instead he asks what books I want from the bookstore. My sister just knows me too well. I'll literally read anything. Still, I'm glad I have more books to read.

12:13 pm // my room
130587 sent me the cutest birthday gift ever. It's amazing how it arrived exactly on my birthday (the 11th) and I was able to pick it up and open my gift all the way from Australia. Thanks for my very own Edward Cullen.

06:30 am // my office desk
Just ONE day away from the office (I took a day off for my birthday) and I come back today to a really bloody inbox. I hate it when I see unread mail that hasn't been filtered (albeit manually) to my anal-y arranged folders.

07:00 am // my office desk
I'm trying to review the subject matter for the summary session of the mobile marketing seminar I've been attending but nothing's going in. You know how you know things in application but aren't very good at them on the conceptual level? Weird, I know.

07:15 am // company van
We're supposed to meet at 7:15 to leave for Makati for the seminar but of course I'm the first and very alone. I distract myself with some Jane Eyre which has been surprisingly pretty easy to read. I honestly thought that Wuthering Heights was the one with the wife in the attic. I kept waiting for that to happen there.

05:30 pm // my office desk
I was never really fond of self-rating. So this performance appraisal I had to do for work was such a chore. After spending the entire morning in Makati, I had to attend another workshop in the afternoon and I though interesting, I felt like I got nothing done -- especially this.

06:00 pm // my office desk
My office mate, Abbey (who owns this amazing online bake shop The Beehive Pastries gave me a cupcake for my birthday. She is just the sweetest ever. And the cupcake was just soooooo freaking good.

10:15 pm // taxi cab along quezon avenue
After watching Valentine's Day with Lee-Ann, I hop on a cab and head on home. I would NEVER have gotten a cab at the mall on a Friday night, so it's a good thing I could hitch a ride with Lee to a place with more cabs.

10:20 pm // taxi cab along quezon avenue
What would a trip to the mall be if I didn't have some froyo?! After the movie, Lee and I were supposed to have coffee then I realized, why have coffee when I can have some froyo?! I can't believe I didn't think of it earlier. Finishing it in the cab on the way home made the traffic go by quickly.

11:25 pm // my room
Like I mentioned, I saw the Valentine's Day with Lee and because I'm totally easy to please, I actually enjoyed the damn thing. What I love more though? My new wallet. Thanks to Lee for her fabulous Christmas gift. I've finally changed wallets after five years? Not bad.

11:45 pm // my room
And because I'm not quite rich, I policed myself and bought a jacket and shoes from Bayo instead of the Php 6000 version of this jacket at Zara. I wonder when I'll be rich enough to buy from that store and NOT be broke/feel guilty afterward.
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