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I’m a bitch, in disguise; I’m a bitch, that never minds; I’m a bitch, did you realize?

I'm a bitch! i-t-c-h[5 Down/47 to go!]
[+] Holiday cards are still pouring in thanks to famouslyso!!! It's A+! I love it so much! ♥ Longest Christmas season EVER.

[+] My brother Pio was invited to two other proms other than his prom and this weekend he attended the first one. I suddenly feel so old thinking of how long ago my prom feels like (I realized I never really wrote about it). How fast does time fly though?!

[+] So many of my favorite fic updated this week and I just got into Take the Cake which I'm absolutely in love with just because it's fluffy and fun and totally un-angsty, unlike Wuthering Heights which gets me all depressed.

[+] Recently, I've been reading my horoscope as it pops out and though I know it doesn't mean anything, it's been eerily spot on. Weird, but true. I hope everyone has a good week ahead though! Less stress for all.

I Wish all mondays were like this. Started off with A Rough Start update in the morning. Some brownies with frosting from my manager. Getting off work 'early'. Miraculous ONE TRY logging out at the finger scanner. A FREE Swedish massage at the Spa. And some Counterpoint to wrap it up.
In my haste to go home early, I forgot to bring this week's Chuck. Instead, I caught Whip It with Pio. Best part? Our helper, Ate Let bought me green mangoes (even if they're not in season) cause I've been hounding her for days. I do not know why. Makes up for a less than stellar day in the office.
Why can't we all just get along? I seem to be a magnet for drama though I seriously prefer a boring existence. Still, it all ended up good with making things clearer for everyone and cream-overdose dinner with my parents and Pamy in Claw Daddy in High Street and a great Emancipation Proclamation update.
I'm glad things got even a little more clearer today. Sure, I'm still not sure what I want to do (employment-wise) but at least I'm less scared/confused. That's a good thing. I was going to stay up to watch Idol with my sister, but somehow these days, sleep >>> American Idol. What's happened show?
I started my day with the news that one of my sister's friends (whom I had known in college too) had died. I was never close to him, but I did know and talk to him on a few occasions. The day was somber because of it and it just makes me realize how short and precious life is. RIP Adrian.
It takes A LOT for me to go out on a weekend, especially when I spent the most of the day curled up in bed re-reading Hyrdaulic Level 5 and falling in love all over again. So it's a miracle I went to get frozen yogurt with my sister and her boyfriend. I hope things go well with them even after she leaves.
We had my cousin's going away party at their place tonight and one by one my relatives will be heading to Singapore to work or study. It's not settling in yet that jamypye will be joining _lexizzle too there in a little more than a month. I'll need to start saving so I can visit them when I want to.
Tags: 2010 weekender, christmas, death, fanfiction, first job, more family, siblings
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