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TV Time: Morgan Needs Stalking Help, Booth Has His Faith; and Emily's on the Edge

[Skins Brasil]
I actually forgot to watch American Idol this week. I hope next week I feel more drive to watch it, because even if it's sitting in my desktop, I somehow did not have the drive to watch it. Despite that, the rest of TV was great this week with Chuck becoming more of an agent; Cam getting all paranoid over Arastoo and Emily's red hair totally making me fall in love with her.

Chuck 03x06: Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler

I feel bad that Anna's no longer in the picture especially since she looked really adorable with Morgan. Still, I'm hoping Morgan liking Hannah won't pose a problem for him and Chuck. Though I feel like Hannah's obviously attracted to Chuck, I hope it doesn't form a rift in the Chuck/Morgan bromance.

It was cute how Chuck didn't want Sarah's help with his asset when really the way to his heart is through hot girls. And when Sarah walked in with her midriff baring top and the tranqs, Chuck's 'friend' didn't stand a chance. I feel bad that Chuck had to 'betray' the guy, but that's the way it has to go if he's to become a 'real spy.' I wonder what else he'll have to give up along the way.

And Captain Awesome needs to get better at lying. Cause now that Morgan and Ellie are teaming up to get to the bottom of things, it looks like the cat will be out of the bag soon. I don't know how the CIA is going to cover this up now.

Bones 05x14: The Devil in the Details

I know that Sweets looks young, but he doesn't look THAT young to me. I guess this is the only point of contention for him right now. but I hope he gets another sort of storyline other than his age.

And I was kind of glad the patient was able to fool Dr. Brennan into believing he was a fellow doctor himself. Looks like she wasn't on her toes after all. A little flattery and lots of intelligent sounding speak go a long way with Bones. It was fun to see her dumbfounded for once.

Of course seeing Hodgins knock himself out while Arastoo totally rocked the nun chucks was hilarious. It's still weird hearing Arastoo sans his fake accent. it's amazing how he kept it for so long anyway.

But really, the end when Bones and Booth are talking about their faith and beliefs made my heart want more B/B moments. I can't believe we have to wait till April 1 for the next Bones. That's too far away guys.

Skins 04x02: Emily

Finally! Someone I care about. I'm glad she gets her episode separate from Katie too! Emily story lines most definitely involve Naomi so this makes me doubly happy. I had a hard time choosing screencaps just because there were so many beautiful shots in this episode. I really love the colors were so vibrant in this episode (other than Emily's red hair). The shots were just blowing me away.

But really, I feel bad that Emily had to find out about Naomi's indiscretion with Sophie's brother on the roof. I wish Naomi would have just come clean with her. They seem to be okay with talking things out, but I guess I can't blame Naomi for not wanting to say that. Still, I don't know how they're going to get through this in the next episodes.

And Mr. Fitch! I feel so bad he lost his job. I know Emily's mom has her reasons but I'm on Papa Fitch's side. I hope things aren't so bad for her family.

Oh and I got giddy on the inside when I saw some Freddie/Effy and some Cook interaction there. And JJ telling Emily what Panda was doing (making Thomas jealous) was pretty funny. I can't wait till we get to their episodes.
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