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Jen Wouldn't Mind Swapping Ben For JT

[Jen Fans]
Despite the fact that everyone and their mothers seem to have formed a vendetta against the upcoming Valentine's Day, I'm still hoping that it doesn't royally suck too much because both Jennifer Garner AND Anne Hathaway are in it. But since, it'll definitely be bad, I'm just hoping my girls look gorgeous while promoting it incessantly like in the Marie Claire March issue. I wish it were Anne with her though. [Marie Claire]

I never go out much anymore,
so I’m going to have a glass of wine.
This is living it up to me now.

-- On 'living it up'

Yeah, from time to time
we talk about swapping

-- on 'not minding' swapping Ben for Mr. SexyBack

She just knows me as Mom,
so I did have to explain to her
for the first time
about the difference.

--on Violet not knowing she lived with 'Jennifer Garner'

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