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Anne Eats Her Pudding; Harry's Hips Shake for Haiti

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No, I didn't get to watch the Grammy Awards, but thanks to this nifty one minute recap, I don't think I have to. Instead, I'll continue to wait till Anne Hathaway does the announcements of Oscar nominations sometime soon and the gorgeous Vanity Fair cover with Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick comes out.

For now, let's enjoy some time in Barbados with Prince Harry; bits and pieces of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne (at Harvard's Hasty Pudding and Armani's show) and Anna (at the Director's Guild of America) being totally awesome.

Paris Fashion Week AW 2010 Giorgio Armani Prive

Stunning is all. I dream of one day wearing an Armani but more than that, I dream of looking THIS good while wearing one -- preferably with my arm around Armani himself -- cause you know, we're close personal friends like that already.

Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club's 2010 Woman Of The Year

I'm so glad Anne got awarded by the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, cause now she's in the company of Charlize Theron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts and so many more great actresses. What an honor for Anne. She looked so cute in her get up too.

Pre-Golden Globes Party, Dior Cocktails, Pre-Grammy Bash

Not a fan of Jamie Foxx much, but Marion's gorgeousness makes up for it with her shot with Jake. I really miss seeing Jake around and seeing him with his niece, Romana and Maggie just makes him look all the more adorable. I can't wait till he does press for his movie with Anne. Reunited!

Annual Directors' Guild of America Awards

Though Up in the Air didn't win for feature film at the DGA's, it was just good to see Anna make it to another awards show. I'm really hoping this movie wins something at the Oscars, and that Anna gets her nomination so we can see her in another gown. Monique, I know you're winning, but I'm still rooting for Anna.

Prince Harry in Barbados

He sure did a lot of things during his visit to Barbados including some hipshaking for Haiti and some Polo playing (complete with falling off his horse during the game. But really, it's good to see him out and about, helping out just like his mom. He may be partying hard, but seeing him interact with the kids and enjoying what he's doing always makes me smile. And on a really shallow note, boy does he look fantastic in blue.
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