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Now I see you, til kingdom come; You're the one I want, to see me for all the stupid shit I've done

Before you knew you'd know me[4 Down/48 to go!]
[+] I just have to say thanks to petitecherie and everyone who filled out that I Love You meme for me. It was such a surprise and the sweetest thing ever.

[+] I don't know if ANY of you even still have Multiply accounts but if you do, could you VOTE for my brother? He joined this song-writing contest and all you have to do is Join the Group (just to vote, you can quit after) and VOTE HERE for The Kids Are Taking Their Time by Muriel and Pietro. It would mean a lot.

[+] And if you guys are bored, pick one or do both for me, okay?


I dug this one up after forever so it would be cool if you could leave me something here too. Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them! I hope it's fast and stress-free

You know the week starts off well when despite waking up late and making it to work later than usual, I still get to go home early AND get to watch the fantastic Julie & Julia. Pio made me realize that Tucci and Streep were in Devil Wears Prada together. Amazing. I really hope I have more days like this this week.
Despite getting home early, I wasn't really feeling too good about it. I hate complaining just because I have the best parents ever but sometimes I just wish my dad would ask me if I could do something before assuming I would do it. I love helping out, but it wouldn't hurt if they asked me first. I will say yes, you know?
My computer's clock is one hour late -- or so I found out when my manager Tash was telling me to go home, all the while, I thought it was still 'early.' I need to get tech to check it out. I finally finished Good Wives. I relate to Jo the most, but I would so have gone with Teddy/Laurie. Lucky Amy!
Started my day with a fabulous treat from my friend (Nutella and pandesal) and that just signaled a fab start to my day. Then after work, my officemates and I tried this amazing Korean popsicle which I wish wasn't so expensive so I could have it everyday. Alas, not even Idol could keep me awake. Early to bed for me.
You know when you're raring to start the weekend, only to find out you still have a shitload of work to do? Well that's what happened. And though I'm glad there's work to do, I just really wanted to get home. Still, nothing like a little fic and lots of TV to catch up on. I love my weekends too too much.
I started reading Wuthering Heights in an attempt to up my knowledge of the classics and it's been good so far. Still, I'm gonna sneak in some fic and probably do some homework from that mobile marketing seminar me and some officemates were required to attend. Boo.I'm dreading the homework.
Still not accepting that I have to work tomorrow, I totally put off doing 'homework' from the marketing seminar we attended last Friday. I'm so not looking forward to all the work I have to do this week and so instead I stayed up reading fic (The Daily Grind and Take the Cake are adorable) and catching up on Dr. Who.
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