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TV Time: Chuck Flies First Class; Bones Believes in Love; and Thomas Ain't So Good After All

[Skins Brasil]
And this week, we've got Skins back too! I'm so happy to see this show return just because it's been waaaaaaaaaay too long since we saw our favorite kids from Roundview College. Added to that, Chuck gets more amazing with each week and Bones just makes me all giddy inside despite the gore they show. As for AI9, really do I have to comment? Cause I'm just not liking it just yet.

Chuck 03x05: Chuck Versus First Class

This show just keeps getting cuter and more awesome. Now we've got Lana Lang and Clark Kent on the show. I wonder who else from the Superman franchise will be guest starring next. But really, I feel this love quadrangle forming here. There's the Shaw-Sarah-Chuck-Hannah love thing going on. And though I'm not liking that too much (as I feel Hannah is just Lou 2.0 (and I loooooved R-Bils), I guess it'd be interesting to see Sarah with someone else as well as Chuck. As long as it's still Chuck/Sarah when it comes down to it, okay, writers?!

And look at Chuck take on his first solo mission. Though he did pull it off with a little help from his friends, at least this is another badge in his boy scout sash. Look at him take down Stone Cold Steve Austin and evil flight attendant! He's practically a pro.

And for the first time in a bit, I actually really enjoyed the Buy More storyline with Morgan taking Casey on as his second in command (more like a bodyguard really). Anything with Casey in it is A+ and so it was but natural for him to make me like the Buy More scenes more.

American Idol 09x05-06: Los Angeles & Dallas

I sure can't wait for Hollywood because auditions are boring the hell out of me. Los Angeles just okay with Avril Lavigne. Thank goodness Katy Perry provided more character. As for Dallas, Neil Patrick Harris was such a delight to watch. And with just 40 words uttered, something tells me Joe Jonas wasn't edited to show his best.

And though I'm glad we don't see a lot of the horrible auditions, I'm not too happy with how they edited it this year, just showing the judges saying yes or no to auditions. I want to see the actual auditions yo! Could this be their way of 'hiding' the talent for Hollywood? I don't know. I just want to see more of the singing, less of the yabber.

Bones 05x13: The Dentist in the Ditch

How pretty is Padme?! I love how Jared has found love and though Booth is skeptical about it, it's normal Booth behavior to worry about Jared anyway. I'm not really against the background check, just because it would seem normal for Booth to do this.

What really got to me was how Booth is turning into Brennan and Brennan slowly adapting to Booths' ways. Look at one being more 'rational' while the other one becoming more 'emotional.' When Brennan really made sure Booth knew how she 'felt' about what he was doing and how Booth made her believe in love, I couldn't help but squee over the fact that maybe just maybe this could be them in the future. Them falling in love -- and admitting to it. I can't wait.

Also, Vincent Nigel Murray, you are a genius. I love how he was trying to get some form of approval from Bones. So adorable. You deserve it, Vincent.

Skins 04x01: Thomas

Though Thomas is far from being my favorite character, I'm just really glad this show is finally back. And with tons of drama on the first episode. I feel bad for Thomas, I do. With his mom breathing down his neck and trying to make ends meet by working; and of course pent up resentment with Pandora for cheating on him (though I'm sure they haven't fleshed out their problems yet); then there's the fact that his mom doesn't like friends. It's just gotten to be too much for him.

Doesn't mean I'm letting him off the hook. I can't justify getting even by cheating on someone either. Sure, she may seem like the safe and better choice, but Pandora is still his girlfriend. Though honestly, I wish he'd let Pandora go just because I think she'd be cute for JJ. And though we didn't get a lot of the others this week, how beautiful is Naomi?! And I can't wait till we get more Effy/Freddie -- it seems like things didn't really work out for them after all after last season.
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