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Kristen and Dakota Runaway To Sundance

And it was time for the Sundance Film Festival again! I can't believe it's been a year since Kristen Stewart rocked Utah with Jesse Eisenberg for Adventureland. This year, we get double fun (and more) while Kristen does the rounds for Welcome to the Rileys and also looks totally adorable with Dakota Fanning for The Runaways. These two together are just so fun to watch. Now I'm even more excited for her movies. [LA Times]

Welcome to the Rileys

Where the "Twilight" movies try to hide Stewart's pimples, here, those natural imperfections (plus a few bruises and suicide-attempt scars painted in for good measure) suit the character just fine. -- Variety

"I did some pole dancing.
I got bruises all over my legs.
I tore myself up doing it. It sucked.
[But] the more I saw it,
the more I wanted it.
It was like a weird
self-hating kind of thing."

"I’m not ‘playing a stripper.
It’s really not a stripper movie at all.
It sort of just opens your eyes
about people that don’t have options.
I know I’m speaking really vaguely about it."

Hiding behind raccoon-eye mascara and electrical-tape pasties, Stewart is the perfect wretch, utterly convincing as a lost girl leveraging her sexuality to compensate for her complete powerlessness. -- Variety

The Runaways

As much as for its characters, "The Runaways" is a rite of passage for its stars: Fanning, attempting to move beyond her preternaturally placid juvenile roles, and Kristen Stewart, whose volcanic Joan Jett runs hotter than the brooding teens she's played in, well, everything. -- IFC

Fanning's occasionally eerie poise has left actors several times her age in awe, and she has no trouble stepping into the lead spot. -- IFC

"There are a lot of people who are like,
‘Wow, you have just turned a new leaf…
You can really express yourself
very, very eloquently when you care to,
and, Oh! You smile sometimes!’"

"We all had two weeks
that we had band practice
where all of the girls came in.
They played the songs that we recorded,
I think there was five or six
that we had to have done.
They played them over a speaker,
but then we were like
trying to play as a band to it.
It’s exhausting, especially with the guitar.
I would be exhausted at the end of a rehearsal..
I’d be like, ‘Oh my shoulder is killing me."

At times you’ll feel like you’re watching documentary footage from the era as Stewart and Fanning are really playing and singing in the film, and they both deliver inspired performances. -- Collider

Stewart, on the other hand, makes a living by being a mess on-screen. Her emotions seem to pour out of her without passing through the filter of self-consciousness, an astonishing openness that can be mistaken for a lack of technique. As Jett, she's both available and impenetrable, a surefire recipe for rock stardom. -- IFC

"We have been professional
[from] a young age, which is hard,
but her [in] such a different way.
Like the biggest adversity I face is bloggers
and [Jett] had people throwing bottles in her face
and saying, like, ‘Sit down, you ugly loudmouth.’
To see how assured she is now
and that she wasn’t always like that
and it actually took a lot…
She’s a survivor
and at the same time
she demands to live her life
the way she’d like to.
She’s a very smart inspiring person."

Again, the performances are fantastic across the board, and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning really impressed me with their portrayals of these still-living rock stars. -- Collider

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