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TV Time: Awesome is Awesome, AI Needs More Life and Hodgins is Smitten

[Bones Online]
American Idol has been boring the crap out of me. I hope Hollywood excites me more. Meanwhile, Chuck keeps getting better and I wish Bones would show more Booth/Brennan. Still, TV has been good to me, taking me away from work for a bit and tha'ts always a good thing. But really, all I can think of is Conan's farewell. That is a class act, I tell you. I'll see you in 7 months.

Chuck 03x04: Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

This show just keeps getting more 'awesome' and with this week's focus on Mr. and Mrs. Woodcomb (or at least Devon's attempt at becoming a spy), it was just -- for a lack of a better term -- AWESOME to have Angie Harmon and Brandon Routh both on the show.

It's great that Devon sees just how difficult spy life can be and at the same time, it's good that Chuck gets to gain more confidence that he isn't as bad as he thinks he is. And how cute was Awesome trying to lie to Ellie?! So much for keeping things simple.

I miss this show so much, anything I get out of it is a great thing. I need more from this show as soon as possible.

American Idol 09x03-04: Chicago and Orlando

I can't really remember much from the show without looking at recaps but I wish we had more of Kristen Chenoweth. It's not fair we only get one day from her! No one really stood out for me save for the Jermaine (the 2nd) and the Korean boy, but that's only because I always like seeing Asians on the show. It doesn't hurt he's kinda cute in a geeky way.

The girl with half her face paralyzed wasn't all that good, but I guess seeing her overcome whatever it is she has to is worth something, and the beatboxing guy sure does beatbox a lot. The girl who's been through this like three times now will probably make it further this time around just to give her a chance, and she can sing. I'm just not a fan.

However, I do like Charity (?) who's family owns the salon in their house just because she looks nice and normal and non-skanky and just clean. Which is rare. Though her voice could still use work, she was good and she seemed nicely wholesome. but that's just me.

Bones 05x11: The Proof in the Pudding

All I can say is: THANK GOODNESS NO ONE IS PREGNANT!!! Let's save that storyline for Brennan when she and Booth finally do it the old-fashioned way. But really, I'm glad it isn't Michelle (poor Cam, right?) and it isn't Angela (I like you Wendell, but don't be a baby daddy just yet).

And look how far Brennan has come. She's totally becoming anti-Brennan with withholding information from Booth to not hurt his feelings and all. I love it! This new Brennan has feelings and is totally looking out for Booth (who I didn't know was John Wilkes Booth's descendant -- I must pay attention better).

ThoughI would like more B/B time, but I'm glad Hodgins stepped up and practically offered himself to Angela. Yes, you're not over her. And I like that. Now go get back together please?
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