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Girl Crushes Looking Gorgeous at the Golden Globes

[Anna Kendrick Fan]
Though almost none of my favorites won (Anna! Inglorious! Jon! January! Jane!), I'm just excited over the 2010 Golden Globes cause it signals the start of awards season. Not everyone loved him, but I thought Ricky Gervais was pretty good. Getting a jab or two in at NBC is A+ in my book. Thank goodness Christoph Waltz won! I won't go into the does Avatar deserve to win bit, instead, I'll focus on the pretty. [Vulture]

The women of Mad Men look spectacular. Though Elisabeth Moss's look is my least favorite, Christina Hendricks looks so freaking amazing. Her Christian Siriano dress just makes her look like the heaven. Divine. Though some may not like January's look, I really liked her Lanvin gown. She looked great for me.

Meanwhile, the girls of Glee were also so pretty! I couldn't find a decent picture of Diana but she looked fab in her gown. Lea looked amazing in her Oscar Dela Renta gown. Jayma and Jane looked pretty as well. I'm glad the show won, but I wish Jane Lynch would have taken the award!

Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Garner just looked amazing in their Versace gowns. I don't know who made Zoe Saldana's dress but girl always manages to look good. I can imagine her choice this time wouldn't have so many fans, but she just looks pretty to me.

And backstage, Christina, Nicole, Kate and Jennifer all looked pretty. Good for them, ditching the red carpet especially since it rained. Backstage, they can ham it up for the cameras sans the umbrella holding most of the celebrities had to do.

But really, I was looking out for Anna Kendrick the ENTIRE TIME. This morning, I lurked at the likeicare (JOIN IF YOU HAVEN'T) Golden Globe spam post just because I couldn't wait to see how girl crush in the making was doing. She's been looking so fantastic in the recent awards events and this was no exception. Marchesa always has the prettiest gowns, and Anna continued tradition with her one shouldered dress. Amazing. See you at the Oscars babe!

Oh look! Some of the Twilight crew were at the after party. Though I'm missing seeing the cast everywhere, it's nice to have a little breather in between movies. I'm excited for Eclipse, but I'm totally cherishing this down time in between. But really, all I could think of was, Kellan, why so cute?

And just because there was some Camilla Belle and Ashley Greene at the Golden Globes after party, I threw them in as well. In a non-connected party, Camilla looked great at the Art of Ellysium party (and so did R-Bils!). But really, I wish Up in the Air would have taken an acting award for Anna at least! I'm glad it won writing but I hope it does better in the next ones.
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