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Don't Know Who's In Your Bed[2 Down/50 To Go]
[-] Long week was so long thanks to the never ending pitch we've been preparing for. I don't know how many more we'll be having but I hope not in the near future.

[+] The holidays just won't end and I'm so happy for that. Thanks so much lipstickxmalice, yled, and barilace for the cards!

[+] Hiding in Plain Sight and Hydraulic Level 5 both updated this week! Too bad I was too caught up in work to really enjoy them. I think I'll do a re-read before the new week eats me up again. Boo weekdays.

[+] Having my mom's siblings back home is just so much fun. It would feel more like a vacation if I didn't have to stay late at work. At least I still got to enjoy with them. I hope my upcoming week is less hectic and just a little more generous on the breathing room. Hope everyone has a good week up ahead too.

Despite the uber long day with the never ending pitch we're trying to make, it ended well cause I was able to visit my uncle who's here on vacation from New York. My mom's brother is the funniest person ever and it's a never ending laugh trip when he's around. It doesn't hurt that he brings a shitload of scarves with him too. Then, back-to-back Chuck episodes? Great way to start the week.
And I thought Monday was a long day. Tuesday seemed even longer because there was just so much to do. I have never felt so consumed by a pitch in my four months of work. I'm so tired, I don't feel like eating dinner (even if it is sisig and dinuguan). And I forget my iPod in the office!!! Thank god I'm friends with the evening guard! But really, can this week get any longer?! I hope not.
I don't mind working long hours at all. I just wish everyone pulled their weight. I know being at the bottom of the food chain means I do most of the work, so I should just get used to it. I will be glad when this pitch is over. It doesn't help that I missed the premiere of Idol or missed 95% of my dinner. And just when I thought it was over, I find out I screwed up a little. Bad days are bad.
Finally, a little breathing room this week and it came just at the right time. I haven't been able to breathe much this week. And in a pathetically sad saga of the office crush: He 'patted' my shoulder at lunch as he passed me by in the pantry and well, it's sad that that made me happy. I know, pathetic pining is pathetic. And I finally got to watch some Idol. I'm already exhausted!
Not a very stressful day at work but just emotionally draining after an entire week of devoting our efforts to a pitch. It didn't help either that it was office crush's last day and he had his girlfriend in tow at his going away party for his team. Way to feel guilty on my part for even thinking of him in that way when I knew he was with someone. At least I won't have to pine anymore. Till the next one comes along.
I didn't realize how tired I was till I woke up at 2 in the afternoon. To think I slept real early. My uncle and one of my best friends share a birthday so I had to rush from one party to another. I couldn't not attend one just because they both mean so much. Yay for light traffic. My uncle's after-party ended up being really fun when my sister's boyfriend played mahjong with us. I suck but it was fun!
Staying up till 3am obviously made us sleep in. We woke up just in time for the 10am and then headed over to my aunt's house for another family lunch. That house is just so fun to be in just because they have a steady supply of soda and junk food. Plus my cousin gave me her copy of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters! I can't wait to read that. How I wish weekend were longer.
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