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TV Time: Chuck, American Idol & Bones

[Chuck TV]
I hate it but it has to happen. Thanks to real life (read: work), I can no longer commit to full-length episode recaps like I did before. Alas, real life has turned el sucko and I barely have energy to watch the shows one time. And so, I'll have to make do with doing a TV dump on my random thoughts when I do get the time. So if you added me solely because of my recaps, feel free to defriend now.


Boy am I glad this show is back and with three episodes in one week too! I don't know if this is a good idea to get new fans to remember the time slot, but at least the old fans are spoiled with new episodes so quickly. Now we'll be getting withdrawal symptoms from having only one Chuck a week.

Chuck 03x01: Chuck Versus the Pink Slip

I loved seeing the back story with how Chuck and Sarah were in between seasons. I can't believe he didn't go with her, but in a way, I'm glad. He chose to himself over Sarah. Stupid? kinda, but like I told noted, I felt that maybe he did this to justify that he was just as good as Bryce Larkin or good enough for Sarah.

So this is how Sarah is when scorned. I feel bad for her, but in a way, she had it coming. She's been leading Chuck on then using the 'we can't be together' excuse on him when she gets scared. So at least they're both even and have rejected the other. Hopefully when they FINALLY get together, it'll be all slates clean.

Chuck 03x02: Chuck Versus the Three Words

Carina's back and still as hot as ever. It's good to see that Morgan still gets the girl in the end, even after going through a shitload of trouble for trying to prove himself to Jeff and Lester. I'm sad they shot Emmett, but at least Big Mike is back.

Chuck and Sarah fighting was kinda intense. Chuck not wanting to hurt her, and Sarah saying he couldn't. Ouchies. I'm glad Sarah chose not to go with Carina. As hurt as she is over what Chuck did, you can tell she really still cares for him. I wish they'd both just realize the feeling is mutual and get gutsy enough to actually work on being together.

Chuck 03x03: Chuck Versus the Angel De la Muerte

I know they can't kill of Captain Awesome just yet but I'm still so afraid of how they're going to pull this off now. I don't want Captain Awesome to die. Especially now that he and Ellie are just starting their lives. Their flashback was really cute too. Of course I'd tear his shirt off when I meet him. He's Captain Awesome!!! And he speaks Costa Gravan!!!

I loved how Casey was so hesitant to help out the Premier and eventually ending up giving blood to him. If only Captain Awesome weren't so awesome, he wouldn't be in this predicament, but I'm glad they're including him in the missions -- well sort of. At least Chuck's real life and spy life aren't so disconnected anymore.

But really, it all comes down to this: NBC, please don't cancel this show. You're already being a douche to Conan. Let me have a little faith in you by keeping this awesome show on the air, please!?!

American Idol

I honestly don't know how 'excited' or into American Idol I'll be this year. Though I'm psyched to see Ellen as a judge, knowing that Simon will be gone next year is sort of just letting me down.


Seeing the auditions in Boston and Atlanta, I'm hoping it was just a case of not showing the good ones in those cities because in hindsight, I can't quite remember any of them From Boston, I remember the really sweet girl who had three brothers who had down syndrome. She was pretty good. The girl with the grandma with Alzheimers was pretty good too.

But you know who was just so good? Posh Spice. She had nothing mean to say. It was funny seeing her so proper. Not the most useful judge, but she felt like a substitute Paula -- who I unfortunately, didn't miss very much. At least she got out when the show wasn't so down yet.


From Atlanta, jamypye and I felt that Jermaine Sellers was the one who stood out most. He made the "What if God Was One Of Us" his own and he seemed like a guy who could mix things up when it came to it week to week. And though I'm not a country fan at all, this year's 'country girl' seems like the most likeable among the Kellie Picklers/Kristy Lee Cooks we've had. Doesn't mean she's my favorite though.

I have to give it to Mary J. Blige for being a pretty good judge. She didn't talk much, but when she did, she made at least some sense. Plus she wasn't afraid to tell someone they had the look but not so the voice. I liked her. She 'kept things real.' Meanwhile, Randy's new thing seems to be saying things were more than a hundred percent, like thousand, or million or something. I wonder if it'll go on like this.

Bones 05x11: The X in the File

Not much Bones/Booth cuteness going on in this one, but instead we get some Angela/Wendell. And though they're cute together, I have to say, I'm still rooting for Hodgins/Angela. Still, since we aren't getting that ANYTIME soon, I guess I'll settle for the adorableness of Wendell. Who knew Mr. Shy Guy would be getting the girls, no?

Awkward lunch at the diner was awkward but at least it got Hodgins realizing how much pent up anger he was keeping inside. And since he didn't exactly want to get back together with Angela, I guess we'll have to wait sometime for him to grieve and maybe one day when Hart Hanson is feeling generous, we get some Bones/Booth loving with a dash of Angela/Hodgins on the side.
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