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Pull your little arrows out[1 Down/51 To Go]
[+] And it still feels like the holidays thanks to the deluge of cards I got this week. Thanks so much to maybe, graveyardghosts, explainingsound, flautapantera, comfortable_yet, lastsongs and 130587! And, noted I can't wait.

[+] Then there were those really sweet LOVE SECRETS on lion_lamb!!! I am just so freaking speechless! Thanks girls ♥!

[+] As if that wasn't enough, I come home to find the sweetest gift from Sophie! I miss you woman. Here's to 2012!

[-] So despite the ultra long week and the stressful days thanks to rush pitches in the office, non-office life makes me smile. Like they said in Zombieland (which was brilliant): Rule #32: Enjoy the little things. I think I will. I hope everyone has a good week ahead. And we're down one week in 2010.

Back to work after 2 weeks of break and of course there is a shitload to do. We were so spoiled with this break and I am still too lazy to do anything. Still, it was good to see my team. I missed them even if I didn't miss the work. At all. Th evening was well-spent with some Anna Kendrick and Clooney love with Up in the Air. See you at the Oscars, Anna. that was brilliant.
I wore these hand me down shoes from my aunt (that just so happened to be expensive) and our sales director commented on my noisy shoes. We have this running joke that only expensive shoes are noisy. So when I informed him of the brand of the shoes, he couldn't believe it. I couldn't buy them on my own of course. He said they were pretty so that's good. He's got impeccable taste after all.
So the 'date' finally happened. Things have been quasi awkward since my office-crush-outtage, for me at least. It's a good thing, a friend of ours (whom he's close to) came along too to make things less awkward, making it feel less date-y. He was really cool and chill about it all unless he's just a good actor but he made it seem like old times. He made it a good last memory to have with him.
Despite the busy day at work, it's still fun to watch fandom explode and sit back and watch it. As tempting as it is to participate, I have a good enough view from my work desk, as I do deck after deck only to reward myself with glimpses of the craziness happening over at lion_lamb. And the reason? of course a Rob and Kristen (sort of spotting). I see jamypye laughing now.
Being in meetings the ENTIRE day isn't very fun. But I loved seeing my team work so hard together on a major pitch that would've been overwhelming if it were left just to me and my manager. And because I wasn't able to have coffee jelly with office crush and our friend, they brought it down for me instead. Totally made up for my long day. Plus, I finally got to eat in Fruity Froyo! Hello weekend!
While I was napping and reading Little Women (where everything ends up nicely all the time), mizra lets me know that once again, fandom is on the brink of explosion. Wow, I kinda wish Eclipse and Breaking Dawn would hurry up and come out cause these lulls in events in fandom bring out these things. Pretty picture and all, but the drama it brings is just wow.
I know I'm not the going out type of person at all, but I've never felt so old in my life. I spent my weekend reading in bed and sleeping. Seriously. I'm quite possibly the oldest 22 year old there is just because of how lazy I am and how much I love staying in bed. I hate how the weekend ends so quickly. I wish it were a long weekend again because I just slept through this one.
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