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Mood Themes

01 » Glee Season 1 Animated by doesnotsway
02 » Skins Series 3 Animated by puntoypartee
03 » Chuck & Sarah Animated by wishlessness
04 » Kristen Stewart by nastey
05 » Robert Pattinson by hauntes
06 » Jake Gyllenhaal by crackified
07 » Anne Hathaway by kohler
08 » Mad Men Animated by jaune
09 » Sherlock Series 1 Animated by calikalie
10 » Merlin Animated by wikked_angel_78
11 » Bones by space_geek
12 » Misfits Series 1 Animated by kohler

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Emma Watson; plus her androgynous brother can rock a Burberry coats like no other « 01/06
Golden Globes; Anna is up in the air with her Marchesa despite her non-win « 01/18
Jen Garner; Jen, Anne, Zac & Rachel continue being pretty in January « 01/22
SAG Awards; Still no win for Anna, but she's A+ on the red carpet; Plus the Gleeks win again « 01/25
Kristen Stewart; with the ever-elegant Dakota Fanning rock hard at Sundance 2010 « 01/27
Anne Hathaway; is a hasty pudding; Harry shakes hips for Haiti « 02/01
Jen Garner; BFFs it up in Marie Claire with Jessica Biel for Valentines Day « 02/05
Kristen Stewart; is part of the class of 2010 for Vanity Fair « 02/16
Zac Efron; surfing it up down under while Jen/Anne, Harry, Zac, Camilla, & Anna pretty it up « 02/18
Kristen Stewart; wins a BAFTA, galivants around London and generally makes the paparazzi very rich « 02/22
Jake Gyllenhaal; feeds the hungry with Natalie while Jen & Anne make me love them more « 02/24
Jennifer Garner; reads to kids; Anne premieres Alice; Harry visits some cyclists « 03/04
Rob Pattinson; lives in the moment while doing the press rounds for Remember Me « 03/05
Academy Awards; Kristen Stewart does not mess up too much -- looks ravishing; Anna is A+ « 03/09
Eclipse; Let the countdown begin with a so-so teaser and a much better sneak peek « 03/18
Kristen Stewart; Plus Dakota rock The Runaways (and look awesome) across America « 03/19
Eclipse; Needs to get better at Photoshop; needs less elipses « 03/25
Prince Harry; ups the good deed meter; Anne honors Garry Marshall « 03/27
Eclipse; On what planet is Bree >>> Edward? Give us Midnight Sun, SMeyer!!! « 03/30
Jake Gyllenhaal; Smiles Through Wondercon; Jen Honors Matt; And I'm Crushing on Amanda « 04/06
Eclipse; Slade, won't you tease us please? « 04/09
Eclipse; The sink ain't sinking, it's reached the Shore « 04/16
Rachel Bilson; Gets Around Coachella; Camilla Pretties Up & Jake is Ready for Some Action « 04/20
Eclipse; Trailer Needs More Cullens, Less Wolves « 04/24
Amanda Seyfried; Sends Her Letters; Zooey Covers Magazines; Zac Houses Families « 04/27
Eclipse; Please Make it to June 30, Even If You're Still Re-Shooting As I Type « 04/29
Kristen Stewart; Seeks Her Fashion Identity at the Costume Institute Gala « 05/04
Eclipse; What Eclipse?! We Got Nothing; Got Some Kristen on Elle though « 05/06
Eclipse; The Trio on Oprah and Some Soundtrack News « 05/15
Eclipse; Wax Figure Look-alikes; and some Rob on Ellen « 05/20
Jake Gyllenhaal; Brings Prince of Persia to the World « 05/22
Kristen Stewart; Even more Elle, UK Magazine cover this time around « 05/26
Jake Gyllenhaal; Keeps on smiling through Prince of Persia « 06/04
Kristen Stewart; Kristen and Taylor Bring Eclipse to Seoul and Sydney« 06/05
Eclipse; Surprisingly Wins EVERYTHING at the MTV Movie Awards « 06/11
Zooey Deschanel; Sings Her Heart out at the Sasquatch Festival « 06/15
Robert Pattinson; (and his dad) keep chivalry alive on late night tv « 06/17
Kristen Stewart; looks pretty while dragging Taylor through their Eurotrip « 06/23
Eclipse; Rob and Kristen bring out the pretty at the LA Premiere « 06/29
Prince Harry; Goes To Africa and New York; Zac's in Hawaii; Jen's All Over The USA « 07/03
Kristen Stewart; does The East Coast (complete with hair change); Ashley Does Europe « 07/10
2010 Movies; Because There Are Apparently a Shitload of Movies Outside The Twilight Saga « 07/20
Zac Efron; Premieres Charlie St. Cloud; Harry Plays More Polo; And Girl Crushes Bring The Pretty « 07/24
Leonardo DiCaprio; (my love has been revived) and Company Plant Their Pretty in My Subconscious « 07/26
Comic-Con 2010; Enjoying The Craziness of Hall H From the Comforts of My Bedroom « 07/30
Movies; Meme Cause Everyone and Their Mom (Except Me Of Course) Has Done This « 08/04
Anna Kendrick; Takes on the World; Ashley celebrates the summer « 08/06
Teen Choice Awards; Sorry everyone, Twilight is still nominated so you know how it goes « 08/10
Robert Pattinson; rocking the old school look on Water For Elephants; Bonus Christoph too! « 08/17
Rachel McAdams; shoots 'Midnight in Paris' in well, guess where? And lots more behind the scenes « 08/19
2010 Movies; Still more movies I want to watch even if I haven't dented that other list « 08/24
Mockingjay; Real or Not Real? This is how you end a series: REAL « 08/26
Emmy Awards; Mad Men and Glee Sweep; Jimmy really is Awesome « 09/01
Magazines; Mad Men covers Rolling Stone because they're obviously The BEST show on TV « 09/03
Jon Hamm; (and Natalie) Say Ciao To Venice at the Venice International Film Festival « 09/09
Anne Hathaway; (and Jim) keep being cute on the set of 'One Day' « 09/13
Andrew Garfield; (and Carey) bring 'Never Let Me Go' to TIFF; FNO and the VMAs happen too « 09/20
2010 Movies; Garret can do Country (enough freaking said); MORE SOCIAL NETWORK PLEASE « 09/30
Magazines; Emma is an It Girl; Elle turns 25; Jon Hamm is EVERYWHERE, and rightfully so « 10/02
Jennifer Garner; keeps up the goody goody two shoes pace; everyone follows suit « 10/07
Shia La Beouf; Is Still Shooting Transformers 3; We finally see some Lisbeth Salander « 10/14
Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Keeps charming the panties off us; Andrew, Carey & Keira are Complete « 10/20
Kristen Stewart; resurrects to promote Welcome to the Rileys; gets her brunette back on « 10/22
2010 Movies; It's Potter Time; Still have so many movies I wish I could afford « 10/26
Magazines; Anne Gets Romantic; Rachel Goes Vintage; Chris Puts the Pedal to the Metal « 11/02
Rachel McAdams; Brings Out Morning Glory; Harry Finally Surfaces; Carey and Andrew are Everywhere « 11/10
Breaking Dawn; Starts The Honeymoon Period; Carey Continues to Drive; R-Bils Has Her BFF & Baby « 11/16
Anne & Jake; Anne & Jake Get Me High On Love & Other Drugs « 11/23
Emma Watson; Premieres 'Deathly Hallows' for the second to the last time; Leighton's Got Hits « 11/25
2010 Movies; Trailer Tuesday: Garrett & Leighton Make Me Give In; Suddenly Craving More Korean « 11/30
; « 00/00
; « 00/00
; « 00/00
; « 00/00
; « 00/00
; « 00/00

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01/01 » Alton House by velvetglo; WIP
01/07 » Behind the Clouds by EchoesOfTwilight; WIP
01/09 » Caravaggio by meimei42; WIP
01/10 » My Escort by Bratty-Vamp; WIP
01/17 » This Hungry World by LolaShoes; WIP
01/18 » Stranger than Fiction by MasenVixen; WIP
01/21 » Some Little Girls by sleepyvalentina; WIP
01/26 » Dark Games & Twisted Minds by katinki; WIP
01/28 » The Daily Grind by letmesign; Complete
01/30 » A Stable Ever After by letmesign; Complete
01/31 » Failure To Thrive by Julesnerd; WIP
02/05 » Take the Cake by sandyk199; Complete
02/07 » Same Time Next Year by socact; Complete
02/09 » The Groupie by JustForkIt; WIP
02/13 » An Abridged Account by alchemilla mollis; WIP
02/16 » The Misapprehension of Bella Swan... by hunterhunting; WIP
02/18 » Skygod by Gondolier; WIP
02/23 » Eight Days A Week by 107yearoldvirgin; Comp;lete
02/24 » The Assistant by liioncub; WIP
03/02 » A Little Crazy by LolaShoes & tby789; Complete
03/04 » Just Wait by InstantKarmaGirl; WIP
03/05 » Tips for Better Living by adorablecullens; Complete
03/07 » Rising by angstgoddess003; WIP
03/10 » Awake in the Infinite Cold by quothme; Complete
03/13 » The Missing Letters by the-glory-days; WIP
03/14 » Getting Warmer by eiluned.price; WIP
03/14 » Ashen Skies, A Tainted Genocide by QuestionXisting; WIP
03/16 » Nicknames and Rumors by suitablyironicmoniker; WIP
03/18 » Company Loves Misery by AngstGoddess003; WIP
03/18 » Contractually Bound by GinnyW_31 & sshg316; WIP
03/22 » Metaphysics by anais_mark; WIP
03/29 » This is Not My Life by isakassees; Complete
03/29 » In the Twilight of My Life by theladyingrey42; Complete
04/06 » Work in Progress by araeo; WIP
04/22 » As the Rain Comes by wandering_wandering; WIP
04/23 » Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry by justaskalice; Complete
04/24 » With Teeth by TalulaBlue; WIP
04/26 » The Masen Sister's Guide to Losing a Player in One Date... by sleepyvalentina; WIP
04/28 » The Wedding Party by spanglemaker9; WIP
04/29 » An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy: The Non-Romantic Romance by m81170; WIP
05/02 » The Art of Worship by GreenPuma; WIP
05/05 » Midnight Son of a Biotch by greeen_goldfish; Complete
05/20 » For The Summer by camoozle; Complete
05/20 » You Get Me Closer To God by americnxidiot; Complete
05/22 » Withering The Ferns by angstgoddess003; Complete
06/03 » Snowed In by eclipsedawn; Complete
06/06 » The Cullen Campaign by belladonna1472; WIP
06/07 » We Come to Life Beneath the Stars by Lillybellis; WIP
06/26 » Darkrooms and Safe Light by sleepyvalentina; WIP
07/04 » Paper CutOuts by twistedcoincidence; WIP
07/07 » Breaking News by WriteOnTime; WIP
07/08 » A War of Cynics by greeen_goldfish; Complete
07/14 » Courting Achilles by greeen_goldfish; Complete
07/19 » Remains to Be Seen by erinmiyu; Complete
07/22 » The Cliffs of Icarus by greeen_goldfish; Complete
08/05 » Reel Life by sandyk199; Complete
08/12 » Sleep On The Floor by sexycereal; WIP
08/18 » The Caged Bird by Kristen Nicole; Complete
08/22 » A Mzungu Oasis by lisa89; Complete
09/12 » Dead On My Feet by Cesca_Marie; WIP
09/28 » Silence Security by adorablecullens; Complete
10/20 » Campus Liaisons by Isabel0329; Complete
10/00 » by ; WIP
10/00 » by ; WIP

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Gif Party

2009 Oscars; Kate Winslet gets her clap on for my 'resolutions' » via comfortable_yet « 01
Alice; Cheshire cat has got a creepy smile » via famouslyso « 02
Chuck; Morgan & Lester totally approve » via jo_herself « 03
Inglorious Basterds; Landa applauds my resolutions » via delarges « 04
Mad Men; Don Draper totally agrees with your opinions on CGI, Tarantino » via dictums « 05
Conan O'Brien; Coco celebrates shelby's name change with a mean riff » via petitecherie « 06
Merlin; Morgana and Gwen love that I'm 23 » via xhoney_bee « 07
Skins; Lily Loveless Loves Me » via stitchesofgold « 08
SNL; Jenn wants me to have some 'Sergio' on my birthday » via delarges « 09
Kristen; going nuts at Sundance » via make_me_irish « 10
SNL; Sergio comes out anywhere and everywhere with that sax» via kaelispn « 11
Golden Globes; Hamm & Hendricks celebrate their GG win with some hugging » via famouslyso « 12
Christoph Waltz; humping the lamp cause he can » via dictums « 13
HIMYM; Barney sure knows the right price » via famouslyso « 14
Gossip Girl; Blair breaks out a bottle of bubbly! » via delarges « 15
Emma Watson; strutting her stuff in a Burberry coat bitches » via sexxymanggo « 16
SNL; Don Draper does not approve of this » via sexxymanggo « 17
Chuck; Captain Awesome wants to give you a high five » via round « 18
Kristen Stewart; You totally deserve the eye roll » via suzyx « 19
Doctor Who; let's all fall in love with the 11th doctor, okay? » via enamors « 20
Christoph Waltz; attractive older men don't need any connection to entries » via dictums « 21
Zombieland; Rule # 121: Make sure you're alive the next day despite hangover » via make_me_irish « 22
Chuck; Finally, Sarah & Chuck! NBC, don't cancel us please » via dorkfish04 « 23
Center Stage; Eva ain't gonna tie her hair back, Julia Simone! » via suzyx « 24
Doctor Who; Amy's two thumbs aren't quite up for 11 » via dictums « 25
Christoph Waltz; dancing with telephones has never been hotter » via flautapantera « 26
Gossip Girl; Chuck just needs Blair to hold him (aka when times were good) » via queenofbabble « 27
Inglorious Basterds; Landa's getting a kick out of you » via delarges « 28
High School Musical 3; Troy shakes those hips for a night to remember» via lipstickxmalice « 29
Mad Men; Jon & January goof off to Bye Bye Birdie on set » via barilace « 30
Glee; The football team like it so they're gonna put a ring on it » via dorkfish04 « 31
Glee; Who wouldn't follow Jesse on the highway to hell?! » via delarges « 32
Confessions of a Shopaholic; Becky and Suze sure know how to spruce up an article » via jo_herself « 33
Kristen Stewart; amused by Mr. Leno (though I'm sure she's on Team Coco) » via make_me_irish « 34
Twilight; making out like they're in high school... oh wait, they are » via dorkfish04 « 35
Kristen Stewart; DakotaStew loving in Italy (throw in some Ashley too) » via make_me_irish « 36
Robert Pattinson; Yes Lauren, we're as excited as Rob for your birthday too!!! » via famouslyso « 37
Jake Gyllenhaal; too cool for the tennis court » via jo_herself « 38
Kristen Stewart; can't stop being cute with Dakota Fanning promoting the Runaways » via make_me_irish « 39
The Vampire Diaries; UNF: the ElenaCatherine/Damon kiss » via starryeyedmagic « 40
Glee; high five cause Stacy's seeing them live » via sometimescrazy « 41
Doctor Who; You know the Doctor; he's Mr. Cool » via hauntes « 42
The Vampire Diaries; Damon says hello. I need this to be directed at me. » via tastelessly « 43
Miley Cyrus; Cause Steph is gonna be Partying in the USA » via make_me_irish « 44
The O.C.; Anna and Seth help Jo party up her weekend » via jo_herself « 45
Rob Pattinson; helps Cate blow out her birthday candles! » via suzyx « 46
Emma Watson; gives me a kiss cause she's got new friends » via stellarmoneca « 47
Robert Pattinson; that's right; he looks good running too » via jessieka « 48
Robert Pattinson; yes he has some sparkly lube in his house, thank you very much » via seriouslywir « 49
Doctor Who; Eleven doesn't have to prove that fez are cool; we know they are » via disquietus « 50
Mad Men; Joan Holloway Christina Fucking Hendricks Is Gonna Win That Emmy Bitches! » via hauntes « 51
Doctor Who; wants you to party with Amy and Eleven! » via varjaks « 52
Mad Men; Lane and Don are calculating the percentage of people getting handjobs » via maraudersaffair « 53
Rachel McAdams; approves of this awesome promotion and pay raise for suzy! paaaaarty! » via suzyx « 54
Sherlock; not panicking, just totally excited over serial suicides » via varjaks « 55
Twilight; old school loving before all the craziness this franchise brought on » via dorkfish04 « 56
Mad Men; nothing flusters Joan Holloway; not even kisses from THE Don Draper » via delarges « 57
Mad Men; Pete raises his eyebrows on you! Donut judge him » via lusimeles « 58
SNL; Lauren's back to her old self! Woot Woot! » via famouslyso « 59
Toy Story 3; so very happy we can't help but jump up and down » via jessieka « 60
; » via [Unknown LJ tag] « 61
; » via [Unknown LJ tag] « 62

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Song of the Month

January; Black & Gold
» Sam Sparro
February; Just Say Yes
» Snow Patrol
March; The Way I Am
» Ingrid Michaelson
April; Cherry Bomb
» Dakota & Kristen
May; Bloodbuzz Ohio
» The National
June; My Love
» Sia
July; If We Ever Meet Again » Timbaland feat. Katy Perry
August; Love the Way You Lie » Eminem feat. Rihanna
September; The Only Exception » Paramore
October; Can You Tell » Ra Ra Riot
November; Teenage Dream » Katy Perry
December; Give In To Me » Garrett Hedlund & Leighton Meester

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52 Weekends

You said, "Look at me" and looked away; And you wrote the song I wanna play « week 01
You won't find love in a hole; It takes more than fucking someone, to keep yourself warm « week 02
Cause if you're not really here, then I don't want to be either; I wanna be next to you « week 03
Now I see you, til kingdom come; You're the one I want, to see me for all the stupid shit I've done « week 04
I’m a bitch, in disguise; I’m a bitch, that never minds; I’m a bitch, did you realize? « week 05
I dont want to ask you if you dont have to ask me; If you cant talk to me, then who you talking to? « week 06
I won't be ok and I won't pretend I am; So just tell me today and take my hand « week 07
Make me feel like I'm the one who moves you; The only one you see « week 08
If I Could Walk On Water, If I Could Make You Forget; Make You Believe and Make You Forget « week 09
I can almost see it that dream I'm dreaming but theres a voice inside my head saying you'll never it « week 10
I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair; Sew on patches to all you tear « week 11
Do you like it well done, cause I do it well; Cause I'm well seasoned if you couldn't tell « week 12
Meet me on your best behavior, meet me at your worst; For there will be no stone unturned « week 13
I could sleep forever these days because in my dreams I see you again « week 14
If You're Pissed Off Cause You're Underpaid, Well That's Okay « week 15
I'll Give You Something to Live For; Have Ya, Grab Ya Till You're Sore « week 16
All Those Years Gone By, I Only Want To Find A Way To Make It Hard For You « week 17
You'll cry and curse, when you're alone but laugh and flirt, when you're on the phone « week 18
How's about spendin half a day underneath a tree losin leaves? Who knows if they'll grow back again? « week 19
Am I Losing My Mind? Reverse Libido; But You're Not Gonna Find Me and You « week 20
I feel it in work, you know, I feel it in bed; I can't get this pressure point out of my head « week 21
This time is ours; If I could hold this moment in my hands, I'd stop the world from moving « week 22
Halo's fail to glisten; We tried to make a difference but no one wants to listen « week 23
This will be my last confession, "I love you" never felt like any blessing « week 24
Will they hate me for all the choices I’ve made? Will they stop when they see me again? « week 25
You took my hand, added a plan; You gave me your heart, I asked you to dance with me « week 26
Inside me will always hope for worse; You say keep them close by; They're closer than you think « week 27
Had no luck, but aint it strange; the girl knew how to chop and change « week 28
The band will march along; Til the day you cast a shadow and it's nothing like your own « week 29
Touch me I'm cold, unable to control; Touch me I'm golden and wild as the wind blows « week 30
Next time -- There will be no next time; I apologize even though I know it's lies « week 31
Violence from without, and anger from within; Crawling through the fields, informing next of kin « week 32
When you went down, the men came callin'; Faded in stone as you wept from fallin « week 33
I can see the sun is on the rise the pulse is strong, it warms you but it's you they left behind « week 34
I could stay, if that's what you want; I'd give it to you, if I had a heart « week 35
We got bills to pay; Got nothing figured out; When it's hard to take, this is what I thought about « week 36
And though we tried you can't deny, we're left as shells, we lost the fight « week 37
It was not your fault but mine & it was your heart on the line I really fucked it up this time « week 38
I know you're leaving in the morning when I wake up; Leave me with some proof it's not a dream « week 39
I have no defense, I know you're gonna get me in the end; I can't pretend I never want to feel this « week 40
Happy days are here again, the skies above are clear again; so let's sing a song of cheer again « week 41
Would you let me know, cause I can't read your mind, but can you tell, I can't even explain « week 42
I Could Say that I'll Always Have Feelings For You, But I Have a Life Ahead of Me and I'm Only 22 « week 43
Here comes another strange town, breakdown; You can run forever, they'll catch you now or never « week 44
Now baby I believe this is real; So take a chance and don't ever look back « week 45
If I tell the world I'll never say enough, cause it was not said to you « week 46
You know I'd never ask you to change; If perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same « week 47
The Only Gift You Ever Gave, was that You Let Me Just Get Away; I Hope I Haunt you in Every Dream « week 48
I'll be words and you'll be music; I concur, I can't refuse it; You're a sad little tune by yourself « week 49
We're moving up; It's been a lot to change, but you will always get what you want « week 50
A friend to discover with a fire in her heart; A girl under cover but you tore me apart « week 51
Long live the World Trade, Long live the King yo, I'm from the Empire State; that's New York « week 52

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