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I Try To Shake It But It Just Won't Do; You Can Push Me Away, But I Cannot Let You Go

I wanna hurry home to you -- 51 Down/1 to Go[me]
[+] The holidays always gives me amazing gifts and I want to thanks so many folks. First off, I want to say thanks to its_elaine and make_me_irish for the wonderful cards! Don't worry, if you sent me one, I'm sure it's on the way. Don't worry, noted!

[+] Also, a BIG thanks to stellarmoneca for the wonderful VGIFT!!! I also got the sweetest gifts ever from lipstickxmalice. I love my wonderful spam! and to whoever gave the anonymous love secret at kstewartfans, thanks so much! I'm so touched

[+] I also got the best fic-wise, I got updates from Emancipation Proclamiation, Counterpoint AND A Rough Start Outtake!!! Too good.


You've got till the new year to write me something if you're bored. Hope everyone enjoys the last week of 2009.

First official day of Christmas break and I spend it sleeping in. But then I end up driving my little sister to her check up at the hospital and catching up on all the backlog of entries I haven't done thanks to exhaustion and social obligation. I was this close to skipping on my barkada Christmas dinner out of laziness but it's good I didn't because having dinner with Lee, Iza and Hannah is always a guaranteed great time. I have not been in a going out mood at all. I had to drag myself out of bed to bring my brother to the tailor, and when my family went out at night, I actually stayed home to sleep! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I just feel like I'd rather just rest. It's not that I'm even on the computer. I'm just sleepy. I guess this is how employment has changed me in a way. To think now I have a tad more spending power. Though I still had a little shopping to do, I'm glad I didn't go out today just because it took my parents 3 HOURS to get home from Mall of Asia (which is normally at 40 minute drive). Instead, I stayed home and fixed up the LJ getting read for 2010. I'm daunted by the year-ender that I'll be making, but it should be pretty nostalgic looking back on this extremely fast year that's gone by. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve. I realize I'm more of a Christmas Eve sort of person than a Christmas day kind. And still, this year, I just didn't really feel it. I like going to my grandma's house every year and hearing mass before having Noche Buena, but this year, I just wanted to sleep. Seriously. Still, it wasn't bad at all, I guess I just expect too much when the holidays aren't exactly as they were when I was a kid. I'll chalk it up to getting older.
We got home from my grandma's at around 2:30 am and we started opening gifts. I don't really get a lot of gifts every year but jamypye always gives really good ones. She got me Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because she knows me so well. Now I can get Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters next. I still have two books to read to finish my mere 25 quota. Beastly and Hush Hush are done. What's next? It's official. I suck at bowling. My family has recently been converted into bowling and I realized just why I don't play. I really suck. I scored in the 50s on average and it's just deplorable how I am the worst bowler in my family. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch my brothers and dad totally decimate the girls team. It wasn't even a competition. We were literally floored. I sort of kinda want to play again soon. I'm so not in the mood to go out these days but we ended up going to Eastwood after lunch at Omakase (japanese!love) and I didn't think I'd buy anything but I did get TWO bikinis. I can't believe it either. They were on sale at a steal so even if I still don't have the body (or the guts) for it, I think 2010 would be a good year to finally really get into shape and get more confidence to actually step onto the beach.
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