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All YA-ed Out

Other than the obvious rest I get while on vacation, I love the fact that I can catch up on all the reading I didn't do during the last few months. Somehow, work has taken me away from reading actual books (though not from fic of course) and at least I was able to finish up my list before the year ended. Thanks to dorkfish04 and stellarmoneca for the recs. There's so much YA lit to read and so little time

Hush Hush
by Becca Fitzpatrick
[+] Fallen Angels are pretty cool here -- especially how you can see things when you touch their scars.
[+] Patch Cipriano can be my guardian angel any freaking day
[+] Nora Grey is a likeable girl who I didn't mind rooting for.
[+] I felt bad for Vee and Elliott and Jules. I couldn't tell whether it was Patch or Elliott who I should be worried about, but I'm glad we get Patch in the end
[+] Miss Greene scares me. Angels of Death always do
[+] I vote for more kissing between Patch/Nora. Y/Y? And more Patch/Nora kitchen scenes and motel rooms
[+] I need a sequel. Is there any word whether we get one?

by Alex Flinn
[+] I haven't read a lot of books from the male POV so this was fun to read especially since Kyle is such an asshole
[+] I know it should have dawned on me from the beginning but everytime I'd see how it was a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast, I got excited at how he wrote it.
[+] It was such an easy read and the chat room things in between were fun to read. How very 90s, no?
[+] I got touched when he let Linda go. I almost didn't want her to. But of course, if you love someone, set them free
[+] I'm excited to see how NPH and Baby V and MK Olsen bring this to life. I need the movie right now. Alex Pettyfer = HOT

by Claudia Gray
[+] Based on cover alone, I would not have read these books, plus I'm glad I didn't know it had vampiric themes cause I really wouldn't have then. So I'm glad I was in the dark
[+] I didn't see the vampire thing coming. At all. I know, I'm lame, so it came as a HUGE shock when Bianca dug in to Lucas at the ball. I was like, WAIT WHAT?!
[+] But then it totally pulled it off and gave the book an odd twist that really worked out for it and it didn't seem cliche
[+] Bianca/Lucas and more motel rooms please. Too bad he has to come from a family of VAMPIRE HUNTERS! But why?!
[+] And who needs a ring when you can get brooches right?!

by Claudia Gray
[+] For a split second there, Balthazar was looking amazing for Bianca, but seeing how they were both just replacing who they really wanted the other to be, they're better off as friends -- with benefits? More biting please, cause that was hot.
[+] Vic acting as intermediary and then getting heartbroken over the faux-mance was really cute. Vic better be alive
[+] Poor Bianca with the wraith-dealing and all. Her parents need to fix this before shit hits the fan with Kate
[+] Charity needs to go die in that fire she started
[+] In the end, it's Bianca/Lucas all the way. Just sticking around-ish even with what they are. That's love y'all ♥
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