Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

To the Girl Who Only Wants What She Can't Have

Happy Birthday holdmesam!!!

I wish you all the very bestest on your birthday val. I don't know why you haven't defriended me just yet, but I'm glad we've remained friends for the longest time ever. I hope you enjoy your birthday and the year ahead. ♥ *hugs* You deserve it!

1. All Time Low, 2. David Cook at Horseshoe (Hammond), 3. christina aguilera, 4. Patrick Stump - "Eugene Arlington", 5. Gary Oldman, 6. Gilmore Girls Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset, 7. Gossip girl, 8. Supernatural-Cast-2005-01, 9. 16 x 20 "John Lennon-Imagine"-Oils on Canvas-Paintings by Kevin Barefoot -Explore 5/2/07 # 207, 10. Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you, 11. Matt Nathanson, 12. One Tree Hill on CW6 Phoenix, 13. The All American Rejects, 14. the-office-nbc, 15. Panic At The Disco PhotoShoots - 6, 16. Harry Potter
Tags: birthdays in 2009
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