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Stuffing Myself and Surprise Parties

Surprise birthday parties have always been a fantasy of mine. It's just so fun to have all your friends and family right there to surprise you complete with the balloons and cake and flowers and all that crap. My friends and I do simulated surprises for each other. We do the entire cake and flowers thing even if the actual event isn't much of a surprise. It's fun to do and even better whent you're the one being surprised.

My dad's pseudo-surprise birthday party last night, which also happened to be a month late was a food fest. My mom put out all the stops when it came to feeding her guests because I just couldn't see how much food we could consume. There was food everywhere and she just kept bringing out some more. To think she was so worried over the entire party thing. Dad's friends kept eating so I guess mom was a bit nervous with how her creations would be critiqued. I have to say that I give her two thumbs up because the food was delicious! I could still feel the remnants of the shrimp, and the kebabs and everything else I managed to stuff my face with when I woke up this morning.

Niko had his own surprise today at Cantinetta and I have to say the food was just amazing! I feel so stuffed from all of the Italian food we had. I didn't even think I could still haul myself out of there after two consecutive meals of just stuffing my face. All I did for dinner last night and lunch today was eat, eat and eat some more. So much for dieting. No one was thinking of their figures as they served us with more food. I don't think I've ever eaten that much Italian food in my entire life.

The cake was so cute. Even if I'm not such a big fan of cats, the cat shaped cake complete with a little mouse was surprisingly cute. The cat looked a bit on the odd side, but over-all, the presentation was really different.

Tomorrow, I will be taking my Physics test and I am still nowhere near understanding projectile. I have an article to write for Blazon and I can't seem to open the file on the format. Beautiful. This week is surely going to be a long week for all the seniors. I can't wait till I graduate in March. The countdown has begun.
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