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I wanna hurry home to you -- 50 Down/2 to Go[me]
[+] And the holiday spirit is really in the air! I got my first holiday cards from maraudersaffair and heartfatality! Thanks so much girls! I love them ♥ Hope you all got mine too!

[+] My last week at work seemed to be one of my most productive ones and I can't remember being that busy in all my 3 months of work.

[+] And yes, we're down to two weeks in 2009. I can't believe there's so little time left. I feel like I still haven't done anything worthwhile.

[-] How quickly can something positive and private turn into something negative and public. It's my fault for opening my mouth to begin with. Lesson learned, Patty.


You still have a week or so to leave me a note in the meme and I'm not forcing anyone at all. I just want to get mine in before it closes.

Why won't the work stop?! I can't believe we're still getting new things to do so close to the break. I'm itching to wake up on Saturday. When i got home, my dad's fraternity and sister sorority came over to do Christmas caroling. It's weird that my friend Mindy callmealoof can call my dad 'brod'. But they were really good! They were of course joking me to take the NMAT so I can take medicine too. Yeah right. I so don't mind working. In fact, I love it when I'm busy. But today was just one crazy thing after the next complete with revisions to the nth heaven. I always try to keep a positive attitude towards things but today was just especially draining. You know it's a bad day when not even office crush passing by my desk could cheer me up. I know. I refuse to have more days like this. No more. Positive thoughts only please from now on. Despite a long day at work, I decided I'd follow to Makati for dinner with my folks and _lexizzle. I haven't spent much time with them since I started work so it was just good to have dinner together. The food at mesa was freaking AMAZING. i need to eat there again. Also amazing? I bought booties! Finally. I know I'm the latest to this trend but I found a pair I liked and could afford. That's a rare combo right there. As if sitting on office crush's lap for a modified 'musical chairs' wasn't enough, my boss had to bid on him ($110 for charity) so we could 'go on a date.' take note, this was at the company christmas party in front of my 200 office mates and me beet red. I know it's all in good fun but I was mortified. He was such a good sport but now I'm just embarrassed how obvious EVERYONE is being. So much for playing it cool.
After the office crush outtage, I get random comments from office mates I don't quite know how my 'date' went and since it hasn't happened, I can't answer anything. I know to everyone it's just a silly nothing, but to me, it's something. I'm glad I don't have to see anyone work related till January. I'll get over it by then. It was great to catch up with old college friends to in the evening. It's good to get away from office-y things for a while. Lazy days are lazy and I spent most of my day sleeping which is how my vacation should be spent. I did become a good a sister and drove my brothers around dutifully to things they had to go to (tailor for their clothes!) and we had a good time out. I dropped by Ana and Sophie's houses to give their gifts too and it was so good to see Sophie! Then my sister had her friends over for dinner so we got a really good dinner. I realize I'm not much of a go-out type of person cause after spending the afternoon in Eastwood, I was about ready to go home. Unfortunately, I got out-voted by the rest of my siblings who still wanted to go to another mall. I wish I didn't have to go. But I guess that's what compromise is all about. At least i was able to get my last gift for my friend. Now if only I could figure out what to get my siblings.
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