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Merlin 02x13: The Last Dragonlord

[Merlin's Keep]
And we've come to the end of the season which was eerily fast for me (as all I had to do was catch up) and now I don't know how I'll make it through most of 2010 without Merlin. They need to keep producing Secrets and Magic episodes to tide me over till series 3 begins. And so many questions to be answered by the next series. For now, I'll enjoy re-watching the first two series till I get it back in September.

Just Come Out With It, Gwen
I'm glad these two are much more public with their affections for each other. Even Gaius sees it, so it's not like it's such a secret anymore. And really, Gwen treating dirty!Arthur's wounds while being half-naked? There needs to be 10x more that in series 3.

And look at Gwen just go out and get it. Running to welcome Arthur home after the dragon-battle?!? Yes please. Do I wish there was a kiss to go with that? Of course! But then again, they are in public and this is too much to ask.

Arthur Sure Does Miss Merlin
More than anything, I'll miss the Arthur/Merlin bromance this show has going on. I'm not one for slash but these two are just too adorable together, I can't help but ship them in a totally non-sexual manner. And all their scenes this episode!!! It just screams, we love each other!!!

I'm glad Arthur came out with how much he appreciates Merlin's noisy banter. You know he feeds off that. And how cute were they with the pillows at the inn?! I was hoping for a full blown pillow fight. I'm just glad their bromance is intact at the end of the season. Cause with all the lies and deception going between them, I'd hate to see their bromance broken up.

Bye Bye Balinor
My heart really goes out to Merlin. Poor kid meets his dad, who also happens to be the last Dragonlord only to have him killed trying to save his son. So freaking heartbreaking. Colin Morgan had me in tears with his interactions with his dad.

I'm glad he was able to tell his dad who he was and have their bonding moments, but I was hoping they'd get to go to meet Merlin's mom and maybe live happily ever after? Too bad we didn't get that. Maybe Merlin can go to Morgause and ask her to conjure up daddy for Merlin's mom to see. Perhaps.

And really, despite the very jumpy/choppy season that it was, I really did enjoy Merlin series 2. I don't know what happens next series, with Morgana turning evil perhaps? And the dragon staying away? and will Merlin be more open about his powers?! Either way, I can't wait to start series 3 and be on the same page as everyone else. I'm glad I got caught up.
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