Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Jake Geeks Out at the Video Game Awards

I still haven't seen Brothers and probably won't be able to till 2010, but seeing Jake do all the promotional things for it puts a smile on my face. Not only do I get him all clean cut at the Brothers Press Conference in LA, I also get to see him be all adorable presenting at the 2009 Video Game Awards and showing off a sneak peek at Prince of Persia. I wish Jake did press bits all the time. He's always adorable. [MovieWeb]

Spike TV's Video Game Awards

Jake also presented the award for Video Game of the Year and he just looked dorkalicious on stage. I can't wait to see him do the actual press tour for Prince of Persia. That just means lots of Jake for me.

Brothers Press Conference

And because I seem to have missed these and he looks too cute in these to ignore. His expressions are always so adorable. It's nearly his birthday so I'm hoping for more Jake in 2010 please?
Tags: awards shows, jake gyllenhaal, red carpet
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