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I want to start over, I want to be winning; Way out of sync from the beginning

I wanna hurry home to you -- 49 Down/3 to Go[me]
[+] Time really does fly by when you're older and though I've reiterated it week in and week out, it just doesn't get any slower.

[-] I'm just blessed with an immense amount of fic each week -- thanks to reading a lot as well. And though I'm thankful that the Emancipation Proclamations of this world update often, I wish my other fics would update as well. I miss them.

[+] I'm terrible with gifting just because a) I'm not exactly the richest person and b) there wasn't a lot of time after work. So I'm just glad I was able to finish my Christmas shopping for friends and office mates. Now if only I knew what I could get my parents and siblings.


And just in case you haven't (and you're bored to death), leave me a note in the link above! It's cool to read letters a year later. Link me to yours too! Have a good week all!

This is probably the first time my brother is home and I'm not his personal driver/shopper and it's bothering me. I wish I could ditch work and just go around shopping with him. Instead, I had to drag myself to work. Boo. And though I wasn't even looking, it just got exponentially easier to 'stalk' office crush online. I swear I'm going to resist temptation. I've been spoiled by the crush gods. With all my interaction online and in real life with office crush, I should be set till 2010. The problem is with getting a little interaction is you want a lot. But I will be happy with what I have. Besides, with my luck, this is all I'm getting for realz. Now I have to watch what I tweet -- but where will I tweet about him now?! Our boss asked us to come up with wish lists for our exchange gift and I COULD NOT COME UP WITH ANYTHING. Do I actually have 'everything' I want? Or is it just that the budget constraint is keeping me from putting what I want. Cause I want a NYC Christmas and a hot date with Rob Pattinson and the list goes on. Also, Jericho is the best. I survived my first presentation without my manager. I don't know how well it went but at least I'm done with it. I hope I won't have to do this soon. I still get nervous. I'm glad I got most of my Christmas shopping done though. Now it's down to family members and that's fun to do so I don't feel too pressured anymore. In office crush news: I'm still pathetic.
It's official: hotels are my favorite clients. Shhh don't tell. It's just that food at meetings are guaranteed to be GREAT. And thus starting my Christmas season-food-fest, I had my team christmas dinner at Ninyo in Katipunan and it was fantastic. My boss apparently knows the cute chef's sister. But the point is, it was actually fun even if I didn't expect it to be. That's always a good thing. Lazy days are lazy. I spent the entire day in a Merlin-drunken haze waiting for the upload to go up only to realize it would be up at around 4am on a Sunday (my time) and so instead I just catch up on all the LJ I've missed thanks to the hecticness of employment. I just want it to be the Christmas break already. I need more lazy days like this. Lazy is lazy. We had to go to our parent's friends Christmas gathering and though it was good to see them again, it's crazy how they still force us to play games. I get that we're still the kids and all, but half of us are already working and it just felt a little odd getting chided to play the games when frankly I wasn't really in the mood to do anything. I'm such a scrooge, I know.

now that I know
at least i can let it go for real
it was fun while it lasted

Tags: 2009 weekender, celebrity encounters, christmas, first job, parents, siblings, tag-less boy
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