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Merlin 02x12: The Fires Of Idirsholas

[Merlin's Keep]
Now that I'm all caught up with everyone else, I get to make an actual recap for the last two episodes of Merlin series 2. This time we get a Morgana-centric episode and I like it except it makes me sad, knowing that she'll be turning to the dark side. Boo. Still, I like seeing how she was pre-baddie-ness. Plus we get some Morgause! I'll always remember her with Emma Watson in Ballet Shoes but let's get back to Merlin.

I See You Using Morgana
Poor Morgana. I know she isn't exactly loving Uther right now, but it's mean of Morgause to use her against everyone else. I know she's on Team Morgause now but it would be nice of Morgause to at least inform Morgana that she's being used as the vessel for evil!

And look! Some Arthur/Morgana even if it's just for a split second there. I like how he's trying to keep her safe without knowing she's the cause of this shitstorm. And seeing them pull Uther around is quite possible the funniest thing ever. I wonder how Anthony Head felt coming to work to be pulled around.

Hemlock + Morgana = Not a Good Idea
And look at Merlin doing the 'right' thing even if it's wrong. I feel so bad for him being put in that position where he has to choose one friend over the other. I can't blame him for doing this (I am all about the bromance) but I love Morgana and I feel bad that this had to happen.

Go Mend That Shirt Merlin
Just seeing these two together makes me all giddy inside. It was so adorable how Arthur is proud of Merlin and his 'first battlescar.' If he only knew how many battle scars they'd avoided thanks to Merlin's use of Magic with the Knights of Medea. Their teamwork really wins for me.

And it just has to be put out there how hot Arthur is when he's using his sword against the enemies. His fight training must be pretty intense cause the choreography still gets to me every time. It's just hot.

Please Slap Arthur Again
How cute were Merlin and Arthur trying to fight the sleepiness while leaning up against the doors?!? I love it how Merlin slaps Arthur just to keep him awake and Arthur telling him never to do that. Also, Arthur + Water on his face? I LIKE IT. A lot.

Needs More Arthur/Gwen Please
And though we only get this one split second scene of Arthur tucking Gwen into bed, it was really sweet. I don't know how far along they can bring this love story in the next episode but I'm hoping it goes far in series 3 (too freaking far from now).

And Gaius being 'awakened' by Merlin? Too too funny. In the end, I wonder what The Great Dragon will do now that he's released cause based on what Merlin saw in the crystal last week, it can't be too good. I wonder how next week's finale will go. I can't believe the series is nearly over. September 2010 is too too far away.
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