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Bones 05x10: The Goop in the Girl

[Bones Online]
Fox sure knows how to conjure up a holiday treat. You mix TWO Deschanel Sisters with 3/4 Naked David Boreanaz and add some explosions and boom! You've got your holiday cheer! I always look forward to Holiday episodes in Bones land and though there wasn't any kissing under the mistletoe (though I wouldn't mind a repeat) going on in this season, I'll naked 3/4 naked booth and Zooey Deschanel any day.

Why settle for one when you can have both?
It's about time Emily's little sister guest starred on the show! I love me some Zooey and she was utterly adorable (as always) in this episode quoting Benjamin Franklin. I don't think I've EVER seen Zooey in a 'normal' role and I like it that way. She's one of the most quirky, off beat people ever and her character as Bones's quoting cousin was just superb.

I hope she gets to guest star more often and preferably with some interaction with Mr. Jared Booth. What a way to get your siblings together than getting your relatives to hit off first?

Holiday Cheer, Squint Style
The case wasn't super compelling for me, but the squints getting ready for the holidays were pretty cute. I wish Angela/Hodgins would get together or at least bond over the holidays. Too bad all we got was a few cute moments together. Cam wanting to spend the holidays with her ex's daughter was real sweet though. Thank god said daughter wasn't too pissy about it.

And Sweets/Daisy spending the holidays in a more conventional way was sweet. At least I didn't have to see them all over each other. No offense to sweets but I'll save that for Bones/Brennan. Speaking of which, why was there no mistletoe this year!

I Want Some Mistletoe
Their relationship just keeps getting better and better. I love how Bones is really slowly changing. Look at her using her 'heart' and not just as a muscle! She's actually feeling things. I like how Booth acknowledged this. At least she knows he's really paying attention.

And when he stood up and salvaged her 'grace' for Christmas, it was just so natural. They really function so well as a couple, I can't wait till they actually are so they can finally do couple-y things!

But I'll Settle For Naked Booth Any day

Speaking of couple-y things, looks like this is the nearest we'll ever get to Bones undressing Booth. I have to say I was laughing my ass off (and getting secretly giddy) while Brennan took of Booth's clothes. you could tell he was enjoying himself -- albeit afraid it would be obvious how much he was enjoying himself.

When he started chanting the saints names, you knew things weren't very easy for him and I had to give it to him for behaving himself, when really we all wish he'd misbehaved a little. So really, thanks Hart Hanson for throwing us a bone this holiday season. Now I want the real deal. January 14, you better give us a good comeback!
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