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Glee 01x13: Sectionals

Well Gleeks, worry not. In just 123 days, we'll get our beloved show back. But before then, let's look back one last time before the hiatus on this totally EPIC show that has graced our screens. Sectionals have finally come around and the Gleeks have everything stacked against them. Plus there's baby daddy issues and the adult love quadrangle. Who knew so much could happen in Lima, Ohio?!

Let The Baby Daddy Games Begin
Though it totally wasn't in Rachel's place to tell Finn about the real father of Quinn's baby, he did deserve to know and because Quinn wasn't going to do it, someone had to. The look on Finn's face when he was punching Puck and when Quinn finally admitted to it, totally broke my heart. Finn may be a little on the goofy side, but you could tell this was genuine. I wanted to give it a hug.

No Puck, We're Not Cool
I wish Quinn would just let Puck in. She was so willing to make it work with Finn, and he wasn't even the father. And now Puck can rightfully step up and she won't let him. It's a little unfair but I guess she's just in a really bad place now. I hope Puck and Finn work out their bromance and Quinn lets Puck in because he does have a right as the father.

I Just Left My Wife
Oh Mr. Schu. I know you just left your wife but you can't expect Emma to drop it all for you. The pain on her face (on her wedding day at that!!!) when she told him of her resignation just really got to me. You could tell she wanted something with Will but couldn't act on it.

So when he ran to her in the end and just took her things and planted one on her, I couldn't help but cheer for her. Finally, unrequited love is fulfilled and I was so with her there. Though I don't want to see Ken Tanaka. I'm sure he's broken too.

Sue's Venus Fly Trap Leaked the Set List
No matter how evil and ruthless she is, I can't help but LOVE her. The looks on the Gleeks faces as they saw their songs performed before them really was frustrating. And yes, Sue is evil but she's so good. I love how she just wants to bring Mr. Schu down so bad, she'll do anything.

There is An Orgy of Evidence Against You
Finally! Figgins gets some balls! I wanna see how Sue is when she comes back from 'browning up a bit in Boca' because for sure she won't take this lying down. Now that she isn't the Cheerios coach, how will things work out after the hiatus?! It's anyone's guess really and I can't wait.

Our Lives Would Suck Without Them

And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
Despite hearing this song sung so many ways, Mercedes still brings her own spin to it and she does it really well. I love the looks on everyone's faces really enjoying her singing and cheering her on. Too bad Rachel doesn't have this kind of support.
Don't Rain on My Parade
I'm so happy Rachel FINALLY got her moment she's been craving for. This is one of my favorite songs ever and it was so good to see Rachel give it her all. You could tell she was enjoying her moment in the spotlight and it gave way to a really good entrance of the Glee kids.
You Can't Always Get What You Want
For an 'impromptu' performance sans Mr. Schu's help, the Glee kids surely pulled through. They looked adorable in their outfits (empire cut appropriate for baby bumps) and they just looked really happy to be there despite the many trials they went through. I loved it.
My Life Would Suck Without You
I LOVE LOVE LOVE their little recap of all their choreography for all their past dances. it's crazy how we were able to tell which songs -- cause of their ultra distinct steps. You could see the pride in Mr. Schu's eyes when he watched his kids. I can't wait to see more performances in April
I need to flashforward to April 2010 now. Sure, we'll have American Idol to keep me occupied, but I'm really going to miss seeing my Gleeks on screen every week. What a great ending though (even if it's just for a bit). I hope the back 9 are just as great. See you gleeks!
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