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Merlin Series 2

More Half-Naked Arthur Plz[Merlin's Keep]
And I'm all caught up and ready to watch along with everyone else for episodes 12 and 13. It was such a good feeling going home everyday this week and watching ONE episode of Merlin right before going to bed. Too bad, I have yet to dream of Arthur.

Still, who needs dreams when the show keeps giving me half-naked Arthur all series long. And I didn't think it was possible but Merlin just got even more adorable. I swear I want to keep Merlin in my pocket. But having Merlin: Secrets and Magic after every episode was just the cherry on top. More please.

2x01: The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

I got my wish in the pilot episode with lots of halfnaked!Arthur!!! Doesn't that bed look awfully comfy with halfnaked!arthur on it? And look! it's the gangster from Skins series 2!!!! He's a baddie here too! I swear I love how they've typecasted him as well. i'm loving the guest stars on this show already.

2x02: The Once and Future Queen

OMG!!! Gwen/Arthur!!!! I didn't think I would like it, but I do!! When she was berating him, I swear I wanted to cheer her on!!! And then he kissed her and I died!!!! And Arthur DIRTY is soooooo hot. I wouldn't mind walking to a well to get him some water. Lucky Gwen, she's kissed Merlin AND Arthur.

02x03: The Nightmare Begins

The Druids seem like such nice folk that I sort of hate Uther right now for being such a close minded guy. I get that he was burned by magic before, but come on!!! They seem like such nice folk. And Mordred looks a little less creepy here. Kinda cute actually. And Arthur thinking Merlin likes Morgana is adorable.

02x04: Lancelot and Guinevere

How sweet of Gwen to let Morgana run off while leaving her behind. Merlin complaining about the trek in the forest is just hilarious. And then Arthur's monologue about loving Gwen! I love it!!! But so is Lancelot/Gwen. Poor Arthur! How can Gwen choose between the two though?! Tough decisions.

02x05 Beauty and the Beast Part 1

Sarah Parish is AMAZING in her role. When she transforms into beautiful Catrina and acts like a troll is hilarious. It's amazing how she can swtich bac and forth from troll to lady!!! And the look on Arthur's face as he watches Uther fall under Catrina's flirting. He looks disgusted. So funny.

02x06 Beauty and the Beast Part 2

I love how Arthur let Merlin escape before he was to arrest him. That's really sweet of him. And Arthur standing up to Uther over the additional taxes just makes me love him more.The look of shock on Morgana's face is so priceless. Uther blinded is precious.

02x07 The Witchfinder

Poor Gauis! I swear sometimes Uther takes things too far. I know Merlin was silly for doing that in public but it wasn't like he set anything on fire! Why Merlin?! And now Gauis is getting tortured and questioned. Boo. Go Merlin for proving everyone wrong, Suckers.

02x08 The Sins of the Father

Morgause is really pretty and I like her just because she gave Arthur a moment with his really pretty mom. He looked so broken without her. I wish Morgana knew Morgause was her sister too. But what I loved was HOW INTENSE Arthur was when he was about to kill Uther. I just wanted to give him a hug.

02x09 The Lady of the Lake

Freya! You lucky lucky girl!!! She gets to kiss Merlin twice! And though I want Merlin to be happy, I feel bad cause he's fallen for a Druid/beast (aka bastard). And Arthur being all 'okay' with Merlin being gay! So freaking cut9Poor Merlin. At least he's got the non-fat Arthur cheering him up though. Bromance lives!

2X10 Sweet Dreams

This feels like the Gates of Avalon except that Lady Vivian is hella funny and it was funny seeing Arthur so enamored by her. The lucky girl too! Getting to really make out with Bradley. Another lucky girl was Gwen!!! I'm so glad she stepped up and just put her feelings out there.

02x11 The Witch's Quickening

Oh Morgana. I like her so much so I can't take it that she'll turn evil! And Mordred! cute little evil mordred is going to cause so much havoc I wish he weren't saved in the first place. I hope what Merlin saw in the crystal isn't true cause I'd hate to see Camelot fall . And why is there no half-naked Arthur here?!

Though I agree with honeydewdrops that this season felt a little more segmented and all, I'm not going to complain much just because everyone was so adorable in it. And like starryeyedmagic said, this whole show is one giant ship cause I ship everyone with everyone. I can't wait to see how the last two episodes go and what's in store for us in season 3. More Arthur/Merlin love please? I hope so.
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