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SabPag in the Sun

Finally, my free time has begun. Not that I really have all this time free, because I have to study for my Physics test on Monday. I absolutely hate projectiles! I don't get a thing! I'm okay with linear motion, but curvilinear motion is another thing. I just don't understand it. Miss said that I should read the book so that I can understand the concept, but I guess I'm just really slow when it comes to application.

Speaking of application, I suck at this in Economics. I might actually get a really low grade there because I forgot to put the letter Q on all of my graphs. The worst part is the entire graph is correct except for the part where I forgot to put the Q. Beautiful. I really love the letter Q. It's going to get me into a lot of trouble. One single letter can make your entire answer wrong. That's just so unfair. I have to work doubly hard just to make through this trimester.

For the last time, I woke up at 5:55 am this morning. Hopefully tomorrow, I won't have to anymore. We had a practice for SabPag under the scorching sun along the street of some village because my wonderful school won't let their students practice there. Why the hell aren't we allowed? It's our freaking school. In my brother's school, you can go in and out anytime and it's a lot huger than ours. That means they need more maintenance. My school is so tiny, what do they need? It's not like we're going to vandalize the place when they're gone; we just need a venue -- a safe one -- where we can practice for something THEY asked us to do.

Now, I have to go back to work. There's a lot to do. My dad's finally having his 50th birthday bash and mom's going crazy preparing for it. Here I am, bumming around waiting for things to happen. I'm so sleepy, I just want to crash back into bed. Sounds very tempting indeed. So much for a four-day, free-day weekend. It's down to one and one-half days of studying for Physics. No time to bum.
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