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90210 02x12: Winter Wonderland

[90210 Media]
I cannot wait till 90210 comes back from hiatus (lord knows when) because this show really has gotten me hooked. It's amazing what a long way this show has come, from the days when I wasn't really quite into it in season 1. And who says it doesn't snow in this zip code? Because it sure did look like a Winter Wonderland at their winter dance. The gang sure looked beautiful in their whites and greys. I love it.

Let the Teddy/Dixon Battle For Silver Begin
Why am I loving them so much?! I'm kind of glad she turned him down, though he was really adorable (and cringe-worthy) with his video. But go Teddy for not giving up. Too bad she had to catch him (with his sister of all people!). Does this mean she's back in the arms of Dixon? Cause I like Dixon, but Silver/Dixon just isn't floating my boat right now.

Especially not when Teddy is looking oh so fine. What a transformation in my eyes at least! I never thought I'd like him but I do now and wish he'd be with Silver for real. Now I'm really excited to see how they battle it out for the girl.

Ivy is to Liam as Anna Stern was to Seth Cohen
I like Ivy. I like Naomi. I like Liam. But I'm really rooting for Liam/Naomi right now and I'm glad that Ivy just asked Liam straight up. She's right. Ivy does deserve to at least know, so that she can stop being his meantime girl, cause he's really hurting her too.

So really, props to Ivy for being the bigger person and letting things go well with Liam/Naomi. It was really sweet of her to do this when really she could have been vindictive and petty. I love the Anna's of this world.

Annie Digs Herself Into A Hole
I have to say, despite Jasper's general creepiness, he does look cute with Annie. And though I'm glad for the Annie-vention (Go Adrianna for finally stepping up) and Jasper coming clean, I wonder how he'll use the fact that he knows Annie was the one responsible for his uncle's death against her. I mean we know he's going to pull that card. Dig yourself out of this one, Annie.

Wiki says it comes back January 19. But LA Times said it won't be back till March. Obviously, I'd rather believe Wiki, because I can't wait THAT long for 90210. Why hiatuses why?!
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