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Gossip Girl 03x12: The Debarted

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This is why I still watch this show because sometimes, when you least expect it, the show surprises you with something fantastic like this episode!!! WOW GOSSIP GIRL. See what happens when you make it Chuck-centric with a bunch of Nate/Serena on the side and just the right amount of Dan/Vanessa, Eric/Jenny, Rufus/Lily?! You get a fantastic episode. Stay awesome, show. See you in March.

Serena, You should have stayed with Nate

First off, HOW BEAUTIFUL is Serena looking nowadays??! Right?! RIGHT?!?! I love how she's looking. Sure, she had her whore-lla moment with her slip in bed with Tripp in the morning but her hair is always so nice and she looks soooo pretty. No wonder Tripp wants to tap that. I want to tap that.

Meanwhile, Tripp/Maureen need to get the fuck out. This is just so wrong on so many levels and Tripp really needs to leave Serena alone. I couldn't believe he left her there and had the gall to ask her to be his mistress. Then again, Serena deserved it. I hate to say it, but "I told you so."

But what I REALLY CARE ABOUT is all the Serena/Nate quasi-love we're getting. How cute were their conversations on the phone?! And Nate giving her pot to amuse her. And Nate coming to her rescue. And Nate sleeping in the hospital room with her. And Nate just freaking caring for her. I'm shipping Nate/Serena so hard, it's not even funny. I need this to happen already please.

Keep Your Manicured Paws of Rufus, Trophy Wives!

So Lily slept with Mr. Van Der Woodsen even after they broke up? I'm not quite sure what was in the letter but I wish Lily just came clean sooner with Rufus and thus skipping all this possible drama. Now we have Rufus running to the counsel of generic WASPs who so want to tap Rufus's former rockstar ass. Dammmmmiiiiitttt!!!

Truce Or Consequence, Little J?

And still with the scheming Eric and Little J. Though I'm glad they 'sorted' things out in the end, I'm still not liking how Jenny's sidling up to this drug dealer whatever he is. I'm glad I can see her eyes more (her make up and hair look better), but her storyline as a 'good girl gone bad' just isn't flying with me. Be nice again Jenny!

I Love You Came Too Late

Poor poor Dan. He gave up on a quick hook up to confess his deepest desires to Vanessa only to be shot down. Burn. I love how he and Nate seem to be best buds now though. Serena's ex-boyfriend (turned step-brother) and the future boyfriend getting along? I like it. But really, I don't know where they're taking it, but if Dan ends up with Vanessa, please don't let them break up so he can end up with Serena, cause I want S with N already.

Welcome to the Much Awaited Chuck/Blair Show

Look at Blair making Blair bringing the breakfast that Dorota made for Chuck! She is such a sweet girlfriend. And really when she's not plotting to take down high schoolers, she's really a good kid. Look at her trying to be all caring for her boyfriend on the one-year anniversary of his father's death. That's support right there.

Oh look, Bart Bass is making appearances from the grave. I have to say, I liked him when he was nearing his death, but I guess some things never change, he's still being an ass to his son. I'd like to think it's because he cares that he's such a douche. And so this is how Chuck treats Blair as well. He's being an ass cause he cares. Awww. Like father, like son.

Now that's the Bart we all know and love. Totally kicking his son when he's already down. I love scenes with Bart and Chuck just because Chuck is so desperate to be a good person and be different from his dad when really he doesn't have to try so hard -- he's already different. He's the moral compass of this show this season and I don't know why he can't see it.

When she tells him he stood her up for lunch, Blair looked genuinely sad and I love how she pushed aside her own annoyance at being stood up and totally just focused on Chuck. This is why their relationship works. Because they're screw ups separately, but together they work. Too bad, Chuck is trying his bestest to push her away.

Lily really isn't the best mother there is, no? But hey, it's the thought that counts. I can't believe she didn't even remember it was Bart's death anniversary. Sort of makes me question her 'love' for Bart. And so sure, things didn't go quite as smoothly with Chuck, but at least Lily tried right? And for her, that's already a big step.

Chuck's mini freakout in the car was pretty funny. The way they cut the shot of the driver's eyes in the rearview mirror made me think the driver was evil or something and not just snooping on his sort of crazy passenger. I'm glad Chuck finally told Bart to back the fuck off though. See Serena! Chuck cares for you! Be nice.

Flashback love. I love how things seemed fuzzier and brighter in their flashback. I love how Serena looks so much more beautiful in this flashback compared to how she really looked a year ago. But they handled it well. I've always wanted to know how things went right when Bart died, so this was a good flashback.

And really, this is why they're even together. Because it really just is perfection. They're chemistry, the way they balance each other and the way two evils cancel each other out to make for a really great couple. I love how Blair was there to listen and how Chuck finally put down his guard. They're so good for each other.

He 'carries her' and I love how these two people who aren't exactly the purest of souls could find really pure love with one another. It's like their love is their only redeeming quality -- how very Twilight! That scene in the end where Blair helps him up and he wraps his arms around her and gives her a kiss? I totally melt.

And what is this?! Chuck's mom isn't really dead after all and she's conveniently visiting his gravestone at night while calling out to Chuck after the shock of her life of bumping into the son she never was there for while growing up!? I see you Josh Schwartz setting up a pretty good storyline. Now follow through and make it nice.

I propose the rest of the episodes be Chuck/Blair-centric with a really good amount of Nate/Serena and split the remaining minutes among the rest? Y/Y? Yes, I think that would be a fantastic idea.
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