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Mondays Call For More Pretty

There really isn't much I have to add other than the fact that I wish my job were as glamorous as the lives my girl crushes lead. Though I'm not much of a party person, if my job depended on it, I would so drag myself to parties and premieres and press conferences, right?

Rachel at the Sherlock Holmes Press Conference

Photo courtesy of Rachel McAdams Online
I need to see this movie NOW. Unfortunately because of the local Metro Manila Film Festival, I'll probably see this movie in January or even February! Oh the horror! It's fun to see Rachel do the talk show rounds to promote Sherlock Holmes though. Seeing her on Conan O'Brien is always a treat.

Anne at the BAM Belle Reve Gala

Photo courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan
I'm looking forward to her parts in Alice in Wonderland and of course her movie with Jake, Love and Other Drugs, but mostly I'm just glad to see her out and smiling and happy with boyfriend Adam. Suck on that, Rafaello.

Jen at the 19th Annual Children Defense Fund's Awards

Photo courtesy of Jen Fans
And of course, there's Hot Mama Jen looking smoking sans the children. I'm not even used to seeing her on the red carpet anymore as opposed to seeing her out with her children, Violet and Seraphina. Girl still looks great all glammed up.
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