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Your Mind is Restless; They Say You're Getting Better, But You Don't Feel Any Better

You Wish You Felt Better -- 48 Down/4 to Go[me]
[+] It feels like Thanksgiving all over again cause I have SO MUCH to be thankful for this week. First, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the virtual gifts I got! Best flist anyone could ever ask for! I appreciate it ♥

[+] More to be thankful for: SO MANY FIC UPDATES in ONE DAY! My Life To Be, Counterpoint, A Rough Start, Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind (and then we got The Training and Emancipation Proclamation too!)

[+] Merlin Series 1 is such a superb gift in itself. The gift of Merlin/Arthur bromancing and happiness all around. I'm going to try to catch up with season 2 this week.


I just read what you guys told me last year and it warms my heart how sweet and kind and uplifting your words are. If you aren't busy, go leave me something please.

Long weekends are love. I swear. Every weekend has to be a long weekend. I met up with Lee-Ann and Hannah for some emergency girl time and I never thought I'd be in a group that would need one of these, cause we didn't really need these back then, but now we do! It's crazy how I felt like it came straight out of the movies complete with fast food and ice cream and prank calls. We missed you Iza. Going to work with just four days ahead of me makes me feel lazy for the weekend. It doesn't help that I know my brother will be home on Saturday and it's my sister's birthday on Thursday. I can't believe it's already December and we'll be having our forced leave in a few weeks. And still there's so much to be done. I wish I could wake up and have it be Christmas break already. I'm counting down the days. I got my first christmas gift today from our sales team director who is the sweetest man on earth. You know how they say you have mentors at work? Well he's probably the one even if he technically isn't my boss. He was laughing at how touched I was that with his gift that I just wanted to give him a hug. Now I really need to get him something extra special. Maybe I'll chip in with the rest of the sales team. A day of highs and lows all rolled into one. Despite trying to stay positive, drama really tends to follow me around. I did get to meet up with Anna, my thesis partner and Tracey and Ali at Rockwell and it was just so good to hear what they've been up to. Plus I ran into Jamie a high school busmate and I wish we had more time to spend chatting -- I was interrupting her studying. Oh reminiscing the old days.
Just when I had resigned myself to NOT caring, I swear office crush totally comes up to me and asks for my help with something. Pathetic me of course, totally jumps at this chance and manages to help him out. I wish I just told him I couldn't help. Though I admit it felt good that he considered me, I just feel like I should have said no, and not made myself so available -- like I always am. And _lexizzle is home!!! I love it when my brother comes home for Christmas break. It just feels so good to have the family complete. It doesn't matter how many times he's gone away and come back home, I still get choked up whenever he does. We had really good Chinese food for late lunch. And I'm finally on Season 2 of Merlin. I swear Merlin: Secrets and Magic is always fun to watch right after. We celebrated my little sister's birthday with lunch at CPK and I LOVE THEIR PIZZA. Though I can live on Japanese food everyday, Italian would have to be my second favorite. And because my brother is home, I'm back to becoming his personal shopper! It's always fun to shop for my brothers especially when it's not my money they're actually spending. I'm looking forward to more of this. No to work!

It's funny when I tell myself to stop caring
you turn around and make me want to give a damn.

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