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Bones 05x09 : The Gamer in the Grease

[Bones Online]
Last week, we got some serious cuteness from Booth's grandpa. So this week's episode did a total 180 with overt cross promotion!!! It was funny at first, seeing as how they got to write Hodgins, Sweets and Fisher in, but then it just got really tiring seeing all the posters for the movie. I guess this is what you call cross promotion. Fox owns the movie studio and the channel so I guess they decided to milk it for it's worth.

Fanboys are always fun to watch
I can say that I can relate to the boys on some level. I totally feel how they do with the distraction at work when I know I'm just dying to line up for a movie. It just felt oddly forced for them to keep mentioning the movie title and forcing it. But hey, that's what happens when you own the movie studio and the tv network. Good move, marketing team.

I'm glad Sweets didn't go all the way with the girl though. As annoying as Daisy can get, she's still much more likeable than tattoo chick. You're better than this, Lance!!! I love how Hodgins totally justifies Sweets's number (of women slept with) being in the lower numbers. Look at Hodgins being all supportive. So sweet.

Is Punky Pong like Donkey Kong?
The opening sequence where the skin is falling off the body and the innards are just coming out makes me want to barf. It's a good thing I watched this before dinner, cause I don't think I cold stomach it if I watched it afterwards. You know what I can stomach though? An Angela/Hodgins reunion!!!

Hodgins is soooo ripped and I'm sure Angela got a little hot and bothered by the sight of those guns with or without her face tattooed on his bicep. But seriously. My brain stopped functioning for a bit there with sweaty Hodgins in a wifebeater exerting effort. Lord knows, it didn't restart anymore after that scene.

I'm not very good with video games and when I say not very good, I mean horrible, so I'm in total awe of people who are amazing with it. So I really feel bad for the autistic kid who's really good at Punky Pong and when it's taken away from him. So when Booth was explaining to Brennan how he could somewhat relate to the dad and what he did for his son, my heart melted a little. Just because Booth is such a great dad and it would be awesome if Brennan got to see this side of him more, and not just from a co-worker point of view but from a girlfriend point of view.

Will we ever get our Booth/Brennan happy ending of sorts?! I hope we dont' have to to wait till the series finale for this to happen! I need some action folks! Next week we get our last episode before the winter break and I HOPE we get some Booth/Brennan cuteness. And if we don't, at least we get some cuteness in the form of Zooey Deschanel. Yay sister-love!
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