Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Jake Sure Loves His Merkin

Natalie Sandwich[I Heart Jake]
I'm pretty sure Brothers is a really intense movie, but watching the interviews Jake Gyllenhaal's been making for it has been nothing but entertaining. Moviefone's Unscripted is definitely one of my favorite movie interviews online and Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Jake's version of it had me laughing the entire time. Jake seems obsessed with merkins!

He also came out on Jimmy Kimmel where Ashley Greene was the next guest! Double treat for me! It's so good to see Jake again. I've missed him so! And I'm still secretly shipping him with Natalie!

"Jake is the kind of guy who can do a spot-on impression of someone you work with that will make you giggle. He plays guitar and has a great voice. Kids and dogs love him. He loves his mom and sister and girlfriend. He’s perfect. Too bad he’s ugly." -- Natalie on Jake

Why so adorable Jake?! Seriously?! And though I know nothing will ever happen between him and Natalie, one can't help but hope right? They seem like really good friends and it's adorable the way they interact with each other

Speaking of Natalie, she's been looking gorgeous (as always) these past few appearances she's been making and it's just nice to see her out as well. I don't know if Brothers will ever come out here, but I'm crossing my fingers for Love and Other Drugs comes out as well. Cause like Jake said on Kimmel, he and Anne Hathaway just keep getting it on in that movie. Now that's something to look forward to.
Tags: girl crush, jake gyllenhaal, natalie portman, red carpet
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