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Chivalrous Blue-Blood

Prince Char

Hugh Dancy
so sexy/sweet you'll want to:
get yourself into trouble with some ogres so that he can come and rescue you
Until now, I have a fantasy of becoming a princess. I never thought it would be possible as the royals seem to discriminate towards us red-blooded folk. Yet now, with two of the princes from conservative monarchies have married non-royals, my ambition is back on track. So how could I not resist Prince Charmont.

He's sweet and sexy and he's a prince. What more could I ask for? I was shrieking throughout the entire film. The rebel prince that refuses to follow tradition is just my kind of prince. It wasn't so bad that he was so chivalrous too. He always came in just in time to save the Ella. Lucky girl! I could feel her frustration when she couldn't do what she really wanted to do when he was around. I pitied her.

Ella's curse was that she had to obey whatever it was she was told to do. With Ella's unending obedience, this line just made me melt.

Char: Ella tell me how you really feel about me.
Ella: I love you.

The intense look in Char's face when he asks her this just makes me wish I were the one he asked. I don't even have the gift of utter obedience and I would probably have to told him the same thing. What I really had in mind was, "I feel as if we're wasting our time here so why don't we just cut to the chase so you can kiss me." I can imagine the sexy grin on his face if and when I did say that.

The sweet and concerned look on his face whenever he saw her was just too much for me. I loved it when they first bumped into each other. He just had this sexy grin on his face and he had a look of sheer satisfaction. As much as he hated to admit it, he liked falling to the ground with her. He liked and her and the way he showed it was just too cute for me.

I especially like movies with dancing and singing and since the movie had both, I couldn't help but enjoy even more! Char sings with Ella in the end and I was so impressed. No, it wasn't much vocal prowess, but he looked so sweet singing to her while spinning her and waltzing and doing all these choreographed steps. And still Char looked manly as ever doing all these dances.

It was so sweet the way he proposed to her too. The mirrored place looked a bit creepy, but the way he was asking her to marry him was just too much for me. I was covering my face half the time because I was sure I was just going to bawl if I didn't. He is such a sexy prince with the sweet personality. I seriously wouldn't mind having to obey him.

As they sat in front of the fire, I wish he had asked me this, because I would willingly oblige. Any time.

Prince Char: Kiss me...
Ella: [kisses him]
Prince Char: That wasn't an order.
Ella: I know.

Ooh boy. I'm ready Char. Seriously. A kiss from Char wouldn't be such a bad first kiss after all.
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